The giveaway of giveaways....

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Fabulously French now has over 900 lovely followers and so it is a big merci beaucoup from moi for all your support and encouraging words.

What better way to celebrate than with a giveaway.

This is not a normal giveaway in the sense where I select a prize and then you leave a comment.

In this giveaway you get to choose anything that you would like from the fabulously french online shop.

{Fabulously French Showroom}

The only category that is not available for selection is the large items selection as these are too big to post.

Once you have selected your "chosen" item, all you need to do is leave a comment telling me which item you would like and why.

The giveaway will close on Friday 2 July at midday, France time.

Bonne chance a tous et je vous souhaite un très doux et
très joli week-end.....

L x


  1. What a wonderful giveaway - thank you so much.... will go onto the online shop - how exciting!! x

  2. Okay I have looked and I have liked many things but the best is the silver plate cutlery set. I assume that's not to big? I have a real paucity of cutlery in my house.

    Lovely giveaway tres genereuse.


  3. Oh my goodness...what a generous giveaway this are too much...magnific !
    And I can tell you was VERY hard to many beautiful items...but one item that I seemed to gravitate towards...for some very strange I would not class myself as overly religious...was the Antique bronze Ecce Homo buste...his face is just beautiful..and it made me think about my she was a very religious person..and had many an ornament like this around her home when she was alive...and so for that reason alone...I have to go with my gut there..and choose this piece.

    Thank you so much....I will say a little prayer for this one ; ) x

  4. Now with those words I had to look in and visit...of course I´ll join your give-away...and I have to say,wow...900followers,that´s something!!!!!!!!!!!!!Then again,no wonder because your blog is wonderful and I love all you have to offer in your shop too...however if I´m the LUCKY winner,I´d like to get the 3cushion cover set in different blue petters :))))

    Au revoir :))

  5. "Luneville" Toile de Jouy Soupiere

    Would e my first choice! What a generous and wonderful giveaway!

    Love the blog & shop!

  6. My goodness you are so generous to offer this giveaway.
    My first choice would be the set of blue cushions as I have just the perfect iron bench to put them on.
    Thanks so much.

  7. 900 followers! How wonderful!
    How could I resist this giveaway when you have those wonderful tea towels or draft stoppers! I have every finger crossed for this one> I so enjoy your posts.

  8. Adore th Vintage grain sack Poison Pillow, fabulous!! Of course I love your site!!

    I have a giveaway as well.

    Art by Karena

  9. What a generous giveaway! So many beautiful pieces. If I won I would choose the Gorgeous set of 3 petite paintings. They are just perfect for my style.

  10. Awesome giveaway Leeann!! Very generous of you. I would go for the grain sack pillow although I still haven't purchased the sofa.... However sooner or later that pillow will be mine!!! ;) thank you xoxo

  11. OMG I cannot believe such a generous are too kind.....your store has so many beautiful things it is hard to choose..but i love the burlap cushions..thanks for the chance to enter..have a lovely weekend Kym X

  12. Congratulations on so many followers, which doesn't surprise me as your blog and store are beautiful. I love everything there. If I had to choose, perhaps the Antique French metal lamp base or the medieval type tapestries. Beautiful!

  13. WoW!..

    what an amazing giveaway!..
    congratulations on 900 followers! .. thats amazing.. but your pictures are always so inspiring so perhaps not so surprising!! xx

    everything in the shop is so beautiful but i particularly love the damask monogrammed MC tablecloth.. maybe because my name is Maria Christine!! xx
    fingers crosed xx

    Maria x

  14. Congratulations Leeann, on 900 followers!
    I also love the MC tablecoth because my husband's name is Martin and my name Carolyn.
    Thanks for all you share here at your blog, it is always fun to come and visit you.

    have a wonderful weekend

  15. Dear friend, would you ship to Brasil???

  16. You are tooooo generous! I love the things in your shop and would probably choose one of your burlap pillows. Congratulations on the growth of your blog. I just love it.

  17. what a lovely and generous giveaway! i have had my eye on a pillow.. petit coteie and of course a brocante tote! dare I request two??? mille grazie!!

  18. Hi I LOVE your blog and store. If I won I would pick the bed crown or religious items. Thanks so much, Stanna

  19. Mille congrats Leeann! 900!
    Quelle belle surprise .. J'adore the gorgeous Vintage French Key Box.. If I were the lucky chosen one, I would pay for the shipping of course!
    Lise de Toronto

  20. Congratulations on 900 followers!! You know I love your store and I love my hanger!

    So MANY things I'd like! Your door hangers, the toile bag, the pot holder, grainsacks, draft stoppers, LOVE the salad shaker, and well your chandeliers are beyond words but I wouldn't choose one of those *)

    Thank you for such a fabulous giveaway!!!! Fingers crossed!


  21. It is sooo hard to choose! All of your items are so lovely. I would pick the vintage grain sack. I decorate in the French Country style and would love to use it recovering a bench for my bedroom.

    Congrats on 900 followers. You have a lovely blog.

  22. 900 followers, what an audience!
    I would love the clock...
    I love all things French and need to keep tabs on the time...and what better way to do it that with a piece that evokes a feeling of the French Countryside...besides it goes with my new passion to paint all things black!

  23. REally??? We're supposed to choose from all those fabulous goodies???

    I want it all! :) However I kept going back to the Fabulous antique cushion - large. Love, love roses!

    Thank you for the giveaway, whether I win or not! Had a great time in your store. Brenda

  24. Oh my what a great giveaway and HOW do you choose just one ;) I love your Brocante tote bags and the sq. kitchen table cloth in red with the rooster/chicken is lovely and finally the egg carrier is just so sweet ;) All of these would look lovely here at the Love Shack...have a great week, fondly, Roberta

  25. Congratulations on 900 followers and thank you for the generous giveaway! I would choose either the vintage silverplate or one of your fabulous french burlap cushions. Thanks for the fun.

  26. Congratulations on 900 followers! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway to celebrate ~ your on line shop is lovely ... one of my favourite items for sale is the French burlap cushion -where angels keep watch ♥

  27. Dear Leeann
    Congrats on your very deserved 900 followers! This is a truly fab and very generous giveaway!
    I think I know your shop by heart :-) and I really love ,among many other things, the french country style tablecloth! the one with the red hens(?) or are they chickens..
    It's adorable !
    Thanks for this fantastic opportunity
    Un très bon weekend à toi aussi chérie

  28. what a wonderful generous offer! I love the chicken/rooster tablecloth or the egg dish - we have four chickens who lay very well and one broody hen who will be trying to hatch a set of fertile eggs soon. Thank you!!

  29. Oh Leeann,
    What a wonderful giveaway. You have so many lovely things that it's difficult to choose. After much deliberation, I love the fabulous Antique Marriage Sheet. It is so lovely.....vintage, romantic and I love lace.
    Thanks for the wonderful opportunity and many congratulations on 900 followers....that's a lot of followers !! XXXX

  30. Congratulations on your great following! I would love to receive the Luneville Toile de Jouy Soupiere. It is so lovely!
    Your post is wonderful, I look forward to it each morning.

  31. My goodness! Immediately I knew which item from your shop that I would love to have -- the double damask tablecloth embroidered with MC -- my initials! On a smaller scale, the fabulous purple velvet cushions are lovely. -- michele

  32. I love love love the Tres belle 3 branch chandelier with crystals. I love the feel of chandeliers and their magical/mystical/romantic feel. However, that's too much money. :-) So my other item that I love is the Pink & White Polka Dot Wall Clock. It's got a great look of old - but the whimsy of the pink polka dots makes it so much fun. I'm a big polka dot fan!

    Thank you!

  33. Congratulations on 900 followers! What an accomplishment!
    I am interested in the Vintage Spice Set. I am preparing to get married and the two of us will be getting our own apartment soon. Those little canisters are darling and would be such a big help in getting our new kitchen organized and would really help make it more homey.
    Thank you so much for this fantastic, generous giveaway!

  34. It's so wonderful of you to think of your followers so fondly to sponsor a huge give-away. I don't only speak for myself when I say that this generous deed will not go unnoticed. :)

  35. I love this! Can you enter if you live far away from France?

  36. Your blog was my inspiration! Even
    with 900 followers you always took
    the time to answer my questions!
    What a wonderful way to say thank
    you to everyone with a great

    Love your online store and everything is wonderful...

    I have always love Pierre the
    bear! My husband is Peter and the
    bear just makes me smile. This is
    what I would chose if I were the

    Flora Doora

  37. Oh! Such a generous give-away!! Those Vintage tea towels I find hard to go past!!
    Merci! from a dull winters morning here in Melbourne :)
    Irene x

  38. Wow, congrats on 900 followers! and what a giveaway!! There are so many lovely things but one of my favourites would be the little old blue perfume box. SO pretty!
    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  39. Hi hi..
    What a giveaway!!
    Your blog is getting better and better everyday. My inspiration.

    Uhmm. I would love
    Vintage Grainsack..(smile)
    Am I in for the giveaway too?

    Julie xx

  40. Hello! I love your blog. It's so pretty.

    I would like to be entered in your giveaway. My favorite item in your shop is the antique map of Paris. It's a great piece. So beautiful! Reminds me of Adele & Simon. If that is too big, I also adore the other prints. Especially the Fabulous vintage print with the bottles.

  41. My Favourite item is Fabulous cotton bag with savon de Marseille soap. I just love soap and the nice subtle fragrances. It is so nice to put in amongst your underwear too.
    Thankyou for the wonderful giveaway

  42. Good morning,

    The bed crown would make the most romantic bed. We would sleep like babies,and have the most wonderful dreams!

    What a generous giveaway!


  43. Hi Leeann

    Congrats on 900 - a great achievement!!

    So sweet to share with a Fabulously French Giveaway too.

    I would LOVE to win the vintage French scrapbook.


  44. Everything is beautiful. I love the tote, table cloth, clock, but I especially love the things you are out of stock of - the mercury Christmas balls.
    Ness xx

  45. Hi Leeann, congratulations on your 900th post and 1000th is also not too far away :-). I am coming to Paris soon for the first time in about a month's time. I cannot wait to be there - I am so excited! I love your on-line shop especially the burlap cushions, the French scrapbook and the linen teatowels so would be happy with either of those items ... how could I choose ... everything is beautiful!! Kind Regards, Wendy from Brisbane, Australia

  46. Wow, am I entered by leaving a comment? I hope so. Something I can bring with me on my first trip to Paris would be nice ...

  47. This is my first visit and I'm pleased as punch to be here. I'm follower 911. This is an enchanting giveaway. I browsed your site and loved everything that was listed. If I had to choose one item, it would be the "Fabulous Bottle Wings - so angelic.17.00 € " Why? When I look at them, I smile and my heart takes flight. I can imagine them flying through my open kitchen window and making themselves at home.

  48. You have some great things, I would take the antique chandlier, so pretty. Great giveaway, thanks for visiting.

  49. Wow! Your blog has really skyrocketed, and deservedly so....Your consistency and skill at choosing interesting and fun subjects and pictures keeps me looking forward to Fabulously French. I will go look at the website but since I have my own shop I think it should go to someone else. Always a pleasure...Congratulations!!!!!

  50. WOW! Over 900 followers - that's awesome! Congratulations!
    Well, I really am in desperate need of a pot holder and your vintage iron pot holder is just amazingly lovely. And I am in love with that vintage 3 branch candleabra. However, if those items are too large to ship, I think I would have to choose the antique burlap & red tea towels. They are gorgeous and I collect antique linens. They would look beautiful hanging in my kitchen.
    Although, everything in your shop is so fun and pretty!

  51. Thank you!
    This IS the giveaway of giveaways!
    MY first choice--if able to the antq. french flag---I have been yearning for one for so many years and have a perfect spot just waiting!
    If that is not possible, I have been
    wanting a Savon de Marseilles wall soap holder and would love to hang it by the sink!
    This is so very exciting---

  52. Congratulations on 900 followers ... You so deserve it! What a generous giveaway. I would love to win anything from your shop as everything is truly wonderful. My favorites are the Luneville Toil de jouy platters and the French draft stopper in red. Thanks for this fantastic giveaway.
    xo, Sherry

  53. Are you serious? This is fab. The Paris burlap pillow please. Come over to my place, I've got a lovely giveaway going on, a necklace from the Splenderosa collection.

  54. Hi, I am a new reader and j'adore this blog! If I could have anything it would be the Toile de Jouy Apron in the clearance section. I can just imagine baking french macarons or cupcakes in that cute little thing! Thank you so much for this giveaway opportunity! =)

  55. What a huge giveaway! I am in love with the antique French flag...I hope to make it to France one day and that would guide me there I hope!

    Congrats on your following!


  56. Leeann, Congrats on your 900+ followers! What a generous giveaway you are offering. My choice would be the awesome Marie Antoinette inspired cake pedestal because I have such a weakness for cakes! Hope you're having a lovely weekend! ~Lili

  57. Love the Luneville Toile de Jouy platters. Congrats on your followers.

  58. The Vintage French Key Box that is if you ship overseas please???

    Thank you for such beautiful posts.


  59. Leeann

    A great giveaway and more importantly what a beautiful selection you have. This was a great way to introduce us to your Etsy shop. I am off to put your button on my blog. Congratulation on your 900 followers...I am not surprised at all!!


  60. Congratulations on your 900 followers...that's incredible. Your shop is many nice things to chose from. I would chose the fabulous vintage jardinere if I won. Thanks so much!

  61. Congratulations! I'd love the Fabulous Silk Chinoise Cushion if I won!

  62. Thank you so much for my daily read Leanne and your generous offer! Congratulations on your ever expanding readership!
    I would love the set of three French tea towels if I was so lucky enough to win!
    Merci beaucoup,

  63. uh oh, I've been away too long
    I've been flying below the fifi radar ... but I'm back

    stop over for a chat

  64. Oh, how sweet of you!! I love your blog......congrats on 900 follower! What an accomplishment.
    My favourite thing in your shop is the antique french flag, I love it so much!! If that is to big though.....then my second favourite thing is the ballooning over Paris framed print!


  65. Well now I am a follower and a subscriber to your blog! What a fantastic idea to have this giveaway and to allow others to discover you!
    Your shop is beautiful.
    A favorite of mine is your - Another fabulous curtain tieback/coat hook- if you may bear to part with it!

  66. Congratulations on 900 followers. Wow! I went looking and love, love, love so much, but my fav would have to be your vintage salad shaker.

  67. What a fabulous giveaway! Congratulations on 900 followers--with such a beautiful store, it's not surprising ;) I love, love the vintage tea towels. I cannot have enough towels in my kitchen!

  68. Congratulations on reaching 900 followers. This is a very generous giveaway and if I was lucky enough to win I would love to own the French Burlap Cushion - Bonne Nuit. xx

  69. Boy - did I just get back in time for a fabulous giveaway? COOL - I shall pop over to the shop and check it out (again ;-).
    Congrats on 900 followers and hope you are also enjoying a bit of the heat instead of just suffering from it hhahaha. Thank goodness summer's arrived!
    Let's chat soon

  70. Wow Leeann,
    Great competition!
    I would love love love the MC monogrammed vintage linen as my sons name is Max Cardiff, MC! It would be perfect!
    Jo xxx


  72. Very generous of you. I would like the grain sack pillow ....i love it ! thank you xoxo

  73. Would love the vintage French scrapbook, since I'm learning to make journals and love paper and fabric!!!

  74. Oh my goodness! What an awesome giveaway!!! Thanks! I love everything in your shop, but I really want the "pair of vintage Montgolfiere Wall Lights". They're gorgeous!!!

  75. Hi Leeann
    Almost missed your fabulous giveaway..

    Congrats on your 900 followers.. Fabulous!! Love everything in your brocante section.. who wouldn't.. especially the chandeliers which of course are too big for postage... Also love the vine candle holders and the flatware..... probably too big too haha

    Once again congrats!!!.. xxx Julie

  76. Hi I came over via Bonjour Romance's blog .. Congratulations on your 900 followers, that is amazing .. :-)

    I would love to be entered into your giveaway, if that is ok. I love France too, not seen much of it, more of Paris, where now, all through blogging I have been and met wonderful people, and a few of my friends have been to me in Oxfordshire UK too.

  77. What a wonderful thing to do ... and huge congratulations on your 900 number - fantastic! I have a secret wish list - I look at your lovely things all the time and have succumbed to (and am still thrilled with!) the amazingly beautiful purply toile that I bought from you. I keep coming back to the pair of candle holders with the longish prisms ... the French flag ... the bed crown ... the cherub silverplate cutlery ... so many things, from the larger crystal chandelier to the teeny tiny tapestry pillow ... really, I'd be delighted with anything ... a champagne cork key ring would do nicely! So bonne chance to me, too, and thanks so much for giving all of us some wishful dream time .... Merry B. in Nashville

  78. The Vintage Grainsack! What a wonderful pillow it would make.


  79. You are very generous! There are so many things to choose from but the item that stood out to me is the Antique bronze Ecce Homo buste. It was hard to decide as my initials are MC and you have that lovely MC tablecloth. Michelle

  80. Hi Leeann. Congratulations on your 900 followers, that is fabulous:) I hope I am not too late to enter your gorgeous and very generous giveaway. I would love to win either the beautiful monogrammed tablecloth or the burlap cushion - Paris No.1. Thank you so much for the chance to enter. Have a lovely day ~ Tina xx

  81. hello,
    how wonderful having so many followers, congratulations!
    And how hard is it to choose from so many delightful things, but I guess if push comes to shove, I love the Alphabet Notice board, closely followed by the Fabulous French Vintage Scrapbook, .... and those 3 blue cushion covers are to die for as well!!!! You must have so much fun working with all these goodies, surrounded by loveliness!!!

  82. I love the double monogrammed (MC) table cloth...beautiful!

  83. I love the Louis style comforter. Congrats on the 900 followers! : )


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  85. I like your style, the fact that your site is a little bit different makes it so interesting, I get fed up of seeing same-old-same-old all of the time.


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