Monday and it's May already....

{see below for details...}

April seemed to pass very quickly for moi, did it do the same for you?
The weekend also disappeared in the same fashion and I am hoping that this weeks passes a little slower.

What did you do for the weekend?

We spent Saturday at Maison No. 20 where Mr FF worked on the new electrics for our new kitchen/dining room and I made lots of tea and coffee for him and our lovely plasterer. Note I am being especially nice to the plasterer as I would like him and his son to come back and do some more this week .....

Yesterday we went to a local vide grenier and I bought a couple of items, neither of which Mr FF was to happy about as both were heavy and one of which almost broke my lovely french shopping basket.

Here is a photo of the first object that I purchased for the princely sum of 14 euros......

The keys do not work but I am hoping that Mr FF will work his magic and get it working for me.

I adore it and I love the fact that it looks old and slightly rusty.

This was my second purchase.........

Note it has what looks like the initials C.E so if anybody knows anything about antqiue sewing machines, please let mw know as I would love to know what brand it is and where it came from.

I thought that it was a bargain for 10 euros but am not too sure that Mr FF shares my point of view as he was the one that had to squeeze it into our car.

Fortunately the other purchases were rather small and a lot lighter...

Thought that this Vierge Marie wall hanger was fabulous and loved the wee glass bowl that it contains. Note this is will be available on my online shop later today, it costs 20 euros + postage.

Another purchase was this vintage necklace with "Lourdes" medaillion

It come with extra long chain and will be available later today in the fabulously french online shop, for 10 euros + postage

So what did you all do at the weekend? Did you also find some bargains?

a la prochaine,
L x


  1. Love the typewriter...I learned to type on an Underwood that looked very similar. Consequently, I also learned to sew on a Singer sewing maching that looked very much like yours. I remember learning to pedal and sew a straight line at the same electricity needed. GREAT finds. I'm not that old...or am I? LOL Mumzie

  2. What gorgeous finds! Love the old typewriter and that sewing machine looks great near your gorgeous dressmaker form. Mr. FF is a good sport to find a way to fit it into your car. ~Lili

  3. Sorry LeeAnn...I am posting to late in the day, my mind is going soft after my last post..inadvertently called you Mimi :)

  4. Now I am really losing it!! The first message did not go thru..Yikes.
    Just wanted to say that all I love all your fabulous finds and this post has made me wish I had spent the weekend looking for bargains!


  5. Great finds! I love the typewriter & sewing machine! Gorgeous! Beth

  6. Your weekend finds are fabulous! Happy Monday to you.

  7. Bonjour LeeAnn,
    SOme great finds, the old sewing machine is fabulous. And I'm sure Mr FF will come to love them all...peut-être.
    Good week yo you,

  8. I worked at our annual Dairy Goat Show..., but I think I would have preferred to go shopping with you.
    Love the typewriter and it looks to be in very good shape. A cleaning and a bit of oil will make it as good as new.
    The sewing machine must have been an expensive one with that inlaid wood around the top. Very pretty.

  9. Love your bargains even though Mr FF may have not have been so keen and yes, where do the days/months go to ?? x

  10. OMG what spectacularly wonderful finds!.... oh my heart beats for that typewriter...what? ... is it May? you're joking right? A-M xx

  11. What great finds! I wish I was as lucky - I'm hopeless at finding bargains like these!

  12. Hi Leeann,

    Love all the wonderful treasures you got.
    I have my Mum's old typewriter like that, still works. Is your sewing machine a Singer, that is what they used to look like?
    Yes, I am like you and wonder where April went to! Happy May.


  13. What wonderful things!!! And what great prices!!!

  14. What a beauty you have found.. I'd be in heaven to find something with such lovely character and for a bargain... I've always wanted a vintage typewriter.. perhaps as I to remind me of the one we had in our family home and my early working years...

    Hope your week is as successful.. xx Julie

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  16. My goodness, you grabbed some divine things! I would have gone for the exact same treasures.

    What did I do this past weekend? Alas, I worked. But I'm more than making up for it with a marathon day of flea marketing planned for this coming weekend!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  17. Oh please can I come shopping with you? To be able to find such amazing treasures and at such bargain prices. The typewriter looks really old and quaint. I am lucky to have my grandmothers old sewing machine which looks very like yours, with beautiful flowers all over it. She was such a whiz on it too, whipping up amazing clothes.

  18. THAT'S IT!! I'm coming up to the Dordogne for my vide greniers from now on. I want a type writer just like YOURS!!! It's exquisite. And your Vierge Marie complete with holy water font is just what you need to say your prayers each time you walk in the door with new finds just before you see Mr FF ;-)

  19. Love all your finds but I just adore that typewriter!! It looks like a really beauty, you lucky girl!

  20. Such delightful finds. The typewriter is so delightful to see and the sewing machine is such a timeless piece. Love them both. x

  21. I love, love the typewriter!


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