Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Fabulous and french.....

{all images from here}

As soon as I saw these images, I knew that I needed to share them. They come from a French Textiles house called Destombes, who manufacture the most amazing range of French fabrics.

Love the oh so French ticking which when mixed with solid colours looks so chic. I love gray and purple together.

This photo caught my eye as I adore the ticking and love the attention to detail. I have a thing about freshly picked roses at present and the use of the candelabras looks stunning.

I have a thing about cupboards which are painted different colours inside as I think that it adds a little mystery to the object. This started when I first saw the black secretaire with the bright pink interior on the grange website.

Wishing you all a fabulous week, I am still working on "what" is going "where" in the new kitchen so that Mr FF can start building.

A demain,
L x


  1. Ooh, mauve/purple and grey together -- one of my favorite pairings and, one must say, one of the most elegant colour pairings of all.

  2. Beautiful images! So glad that you shared! xx

  3. Oh so elegantly beautiful!

  4. So beautiful and so french.Thak you I did not know it,

  5. Hi Leeann
    Beautiful fabrics.. and i love that cupboard in the last pic too... Love to have something like this for my linen but don't have the space... Love all the grey in these pics.. so soothing and elegant ... Have a great day and thanks for the lovely comment.. xx Julie

  6. This is so French ... you are so right. I'm in Paris now and you see similar designs and colors in the design shops.

  7. That daybed is just divine. Looks like the perfect place to curl up with a good book.

  8. Love purples and greys (colors of my library)...I could just lounge in that day bed and forget about the word...

  9. Love all of it, especially the sofa with the canopy and the cupboard painted a different colour inside. I think that I might just be using that idea...thanks for the inspiration. XXXX

  10. Hi Leeann,

    Everything is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
    The fabrics and colours all go so well together.

    Enjoy the rest of the week

  11. http://gazettedubonton.blogspot.com/

  12. Oooh yes these are great images and I really love the grey and purple together too -wonderful...x

  13. Che meraviglia il tuo blog!

  14. These images are amazing! and I too love the cupboard red outside and white inside!

  15. I adore everything French! I'd like a French boyfriend...have you anybody to introduce to me??? I like ticking too and grey and purple together are fantastic!!!
    Take care!!!

  16. Love that tablescape, so gorgeous! That is a wonderful color combination, I had never before noticed how lovely it looks together. You always show us such lovely ideas. ~Lili


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