Friday flowers....

{pansies basking in the sun this morning , Maison No. 20}

Another week flies past and voila it's Friday again. The sun is still shining here in SW France and the forecast is for lots of sun this weekend.

Unfortunately we are going to be working on the house most of the weekend but are hoping to squeeze a vide grenier in, early Sunday morning.

Today I found a website for a company that hires vespas, not far from us so I am thinking that this would be a fun thing to do one weekend.

There is even a company that hires hot air balloons, I have put this on my list of things that I want to do, when we have finished working on the house, note I say "when" we have finished.

So what are you doing this weekend? Working or playing?

What ever your plans are, hope that you have a fabulous one!

L x


  1. working! How boring I would much rather be riding a vespa or flying in a hot air balloon!

  2. A bit of a desperate outdoor cleanup is needed at our house this weekend. Hope the weather holds! Definitely get on that vespa Leeann! xx

  3. Enjoy your weekend!!!!

    I will be playing, painting,and sitting at ballet rehearsals! Although a hot-air balloon ride sounds so appealing at the moment!:-)

  4. I was just saying earlier this week how neat it would be to go on a hot air balloon ride! That is my vote for you!! Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Well, I have a sick kid at the moment! I sure wish I were riding a Vespa on any street of France with you! Happy working weekend on the house!

  6. i am sure you will find time to enjoy the the paint job you did on your desk and chairs...have a great weekend...maryann

  7. Working I am afraid - but at a lovely place and will be even nicer if I can see the sun outside too... Gorgeous panies - they are so pretty... x

  8. Vespas! What fun.
    After a week of working in the garden, I'm off to an out of town bookclub meeting. Beautiful weather is expected, so I'm sure to turn the iPod up loud and open the sunroof!

  9. I love Vespas & only dream about scooting about in the French countryside! The town where I grew up was popular for hot air balloon excursions. The home in which I raised my children they often were launched in the open field across the street. I too would love to ride in one some day. They are so graceful and colorful in the skies. Hope you have a productive yet fun sunny weekend xx

  10. Hi Leeann,

    Love the pretty pansies.
    A spin in the countryside on a vespa or hot-air ballooning sounds like fun!
    Good luck with your work around the house.
    I cleaned out the pantry and hope to get outdoors tomorrow.

    Happy weekend

  11. This weekend? Changing bathroom floors, celebrating my daughter's b-day and enjoying the sun (I hope). Have a wonderful weekend!


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  14. That sounds like a great mix of work and play. Vespa adventures are always fantastic! My best one was climbing the windy roads of the stunning Salina island in Sicily at the back of a vespa.

    This weekend we had a birthday party for my daughter Isabella. She turned 4 back in November, but we were in Europe then and she didn't get to celebrate with here friends here in Sydney. We scheduled a party back in February when we got back but had to cancel as Isabella ended up in hospital due to her asthma. Take three, we finally had it today and it was a great success. Isabella fell a sleep with a happy smile on her pretty face!
    What more can a mother wish for?

    xx Charlotta

  15. Oh how I love pansies! I hope you get your chores finished up so you can take that Vespa ride and how fabulous would that be to drift above the countryside in a hot air balloon. I really enjoyed your post on Coco too and it has inspired me to take another look at the movie. Unfortunately, I saw it on a flight between LA and Paris and somehow the magic was lost. Maybe I will rent it this weekend. Have a great one.


  16. i went to the masterpieces from paris exhibit, had a great time. x

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