Results of our shopping trip...

{Fabulously French - new stock just in}

As you may have guessed from last nights post, I was a wee bit tired. It was a long but very productive day. My friend the Divine Ms D and I had a wonderful day doing what girls do best, shop!

Unfortunately we were not shopping for ourselves but rather sourcing for our respective shops.

That said, I did find a gorgeous mirror which I am planning on hanging in the stairwell of Maison No. 20, just do not tell Mr FF as he is not aware of this yet and I am hoping to break the news to him tonight, whilst he is tucking into his dinner and favourite dessert :-)

The purpose of our trip was to meet with suppliers and then order some items, expecting them to be delivered in the days to come.

Imagine our delight when we were told that we could take the items with us.....just wish that we had come with Mr FF and his trailer as the Divine Miss D has a smallish car which we crammed with box after box, merci to French men who help foreign distressed laddies who are not good at loading cars with boxes!

So here are some photos of some the items that I bought yesterday.....

This not only looks fabulous but is functional and is used to open your bottles of wine. I love the mixture of the wood and forged metal and plan to put one in our new kitchen at Maison No.20.

I liked these Marie Antoinette inspired bathroom sets and think that they would make a fun and inexpensive gift at only 10 euros for the set.

I liked these table cloths and thought that they were perfect for Easter. These are 10 euros each and the material is of high quality.

Here is a photo of the table cloth in Apartment deux.......

These are so cute and so practical as the teapot holds enough tea for one and sits on top of the cup. Saves making a big pot of tea and takes up less room on your breakfast tray........

Here you can set the tea set in the background and in the front, an egg holder. Again perfect for Easter and it would make a great gift combined with the table cloth.

I am off to start preparing Mr FF's dinner! Will be back tomorrow with details of a very ununusal grain sack that I found recently.....

A demain,

L x


  1. Love your finds! I love pottery, I collect Quimper and it always makes me smile!

  2. You found some great product! Really like the Marie Antoinette bath set.

  3. I love it all!!! Especially the barh set!

  4. Oh, I love the egg holder, there's something warm and cosy about boiled eggs..Rachaelx

  5. Hey there budgie. Tea for one but eggs for 6 !! That's great appetite ;-) In fact - very MOI!! You must've had a ball of a time and good on you. Keep hold of those grain sacks for me won't you? Big Budgie Bisous

  6. What great finds Leeann!
    What charming gentlemen, those frenchmen are!

    I love that bottle opener and the image from your previous post on fatigue!

  7. Bonjour LeeAnn,
    Sounds like a great day, especially love that little all in one teaset. Glad to hear you two ladies in distress found some helpful Frenchmen to offer some assistance!
    Bonne chance with breaking the news about the mirror.

  8. Hi Leeann,

    I love all the beautiful things you got for the shop ~ the bathset and the teapot for one, are lovely. Glad that you had a fun day shopping.


  9. Such lovely things for your shop. Love the little bowls.


  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous and simply more gorgeous Leeann! I love all of your new treasures:) Any wonder you were tired after all that shopping:) ~ Tina x

  11. How my friend after her big shopping spree....sounds like tired like me. Boy oh boy Sydney was huge with all the big venues stretched across the city. Anyway back home and satified with what i have bought. Hope you were as successful Manda xxx

  12. You have been dipping into your purse with gusto. Better make that dinner and desert for Mr FF a real goody!

  13. Ooooh lots of great finds! Now about that mirror...I like that you can use your cooking skills to your advantage after shopping!! ~Lili

  14. I love your collections!!!specially table cloth!
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  15. wow great are so inspiring!
    so glad i found your blog. its beautiful!


  16. Love those sweeties in the first picture! So so adorable... Of to read some of your past posts...
    Have a lovely day!


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