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I do not know about you, but I do love buying underwear when it is dull and grey outside.

What is a girl to do when an email arrives in her box with lots of pretty things but to take a peak.

Trouble is, it did not stop there and before I knew it I had hit the "Order" button!
Think that I may be in trouble as I faithfully promised Mr FF that I would stop shopping until we had finished renovating!

I hope he will not be mad at me, perhaps when he sees how "joli" my new purchases are, he will not be so mad :-)

A demain mes blogging amis,

L x

ps I managed to persuade Mr FF to hang my new mirror last night but when I went to take a photo this afternoon, I realised that the battery on the camera was flat as a pancake (what sort of expression is this?) so will show you tomorrow.


  1. Men love exciting underwear. It's a universal truth.

    Second Hand Chicks

  2. I second Kelly's thoughts above! and...how gorgeous is this blog! c'est magnifique!

  3. I love buying underwear, too! Even when the sun is shining :) I am sure mr FF will be very pleased!

  4. Buying lingerie is the best way to soothe the shopping bug when you've promised your man not to shop...they may start out annoyed, but then you just "show" them your new pretties and the objections just sort of... go away! Bwah ha ha ha (evil laugh)...everyone wins!

    Great picture, by the way!

  5. Fabulous! Bellissimo! I love the photo and buying the pretty lingerie is just the cherry on top!

  6. I so know what you're talking about! Love to buy pretty underwear online! It's a bad habit at times. LOL!! I'm sure he will forget anything he said after he sees your great buys. ;)

  7. I am sure all will be forgiven by your Mr. FF, Leeann:) Can't wait to see a pic of your mirror hanging in its new home:) Happy day to you ~ Tina x

  8. Ooooh la la! Underwear, its such a lovely little secret to enjoy.

  9. Oh I think Mr. FF will definitely have no problem with your on line shopping spree! ~Lili

  10. Mr FF will be delighted I am certain... I know Mr SE would be if I did the same! X

  11. Any day and every day is good day to go lingerie shopping :) And I love Agent Provocateur! I'm sure all will quickly be forgiven ;)

    Love your site btw ... even though I think this is the first time I've actually posted anything.

  12. Buying gorgeous underwear doesn't count as 'shopping', it's like groceries...Have a great weekend..Rx

  13. Agent Provocateur! Missing them so much. The Covent Garden store was one of my Meccas when I lived in London. Divine creations - tres jolie indeed.

    I am sure Mr FF won't be too upset.. My huz never is when I splash out on goodies like these. :)



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