Vide Grenier Treasures....

Hope that you all have a fabulous weekend. Ours was a busy one and seemed to fly past before we knew it Monday was already upon us.

Yesterday morning we were up early as there was a vide grenier in a local village. We went to one a couple of weeks ago in the same village but realised that we were a little late arriving as the locals were walking down the street with bag loads of goodies meaning that all the good items were going like hot cakes.

So yesterday we arrived at 7h30 and were fortunate enough to find some fabulous treasure.

The first item that caught my eye was this vintage statuette of Our Lady of Lourdes.

She is made of metal and has 4 detailed scenes around the bottom of the statue.

The first has the words "Basilique et Eglise du Rosaire" complete with scene of the church.

The second has the words "Je suis l'immaculate conception" and a scene of a a person kneeling at the feet of the Sainte.

The third contains a scene of the caves and has the words " Grotte de N.D. le lourdes.

The fourth and final scene has the words "Allez boire et vous laver a la fontaine" underneath it .

As for the statue itself, it is quite heavy and is stands 30 cms high.

She is available for purchase and costs 50 euros plus postage.

I then found a print which is very similar to the print entitled Le Lever that I told you about a week or so ago. I did not have a chance to list the Le Lever print as it sold before I even had a chance to price it to a customer that came into the showroom and spotted it sitting on a chair.

The attention to detail is amazing, I love bergere chair and the dresses are beautiful.

This print is titled "La Toilette" and comes complete with original frame.

Detailed shot of the gorgeous frame. It is available for sale in our online shop, at a cost of 80 euros + postage.

Another item that I found are becoming harder to find now days is this lovely candle holder, complete with grape detail which is typical of this area as it is reknown for its wines.

She costs 20 euros + postage. A very pretty and unusual piece and you will not see another like her.

As I was leaving I spotted this fabulous jardinere in its complete state. I say complete state as many are missing the inside part which holds the water.

This is a good sized piece and would look fabulous in any room of the house.
It costs 50 euros + postage. **SOLD**

I also have some fabulous antique linen which I plan to photograph and list later in the week. I have been fortunate enough to meet a local antique dealer who specialises in french linen and as a result she will be supplying Fabulously French with some very unique and rare pieces.

A demain mes amis,
L x


  1. All beautiful finds... especially love Our Lady of Lourdes, had one similar I let go in my shop & now wonder if I made the right choice. Looking forward to seeing the antique linens!

  2. Back again... your shop is lovely! How wonderful you carry Sylvie's draft stoppers, they are darling and so pretty. I may have to add another to my collection. Will be back here often.

  3. Such gorgeous finds!!!!
    I'm sure that someone will grab them quickly.

  4. Ooh Leeann - you are protected now by our Lady of Lourdes ;-) I had a couple at one stage but they ended up being 'patined' and disappearing to the homes of a couple of Mums from the kiddies catholic school...You are lucky to have found a complete jardinière too - in the good 200 or so vide greniers I do over a 6 month period - don't see them much anymore! Yummy treasures!

  5. Oooh, Fab Finds! Lucky you - I miss Vide Greniers - loved going to them when I visited France.

  6. Hi Leeann,

    Love all your beautiful finds, especially the jardinere and the La Toilette print.

    Have a great week

  7. I can't even imagine finding treasures such as that for sale here. That jardinere is gorgeous! ~Lili

  8. What a treasure trove of finds, especially the our lady statue.

  9. lovely things... its a wonderful treasure hunt...

  10. dont you just love a good vide grenier! If you havn't already you should check out Emmaus in Bordeaux, Tarnos and Pau...amazing!!

  11. Hello,
    I found you via Mimi Charmante's blog, You have a beautiful blog, I just wanted to say congratulations on being in the fabulous Romantic Homes magazine. I am headed out the door to buy one. I just had to rush over and check your blog out and love it. Can't wait to add you to my blog roll!
    Take Care,
    p.s. I am now a happy follower

  12. Hi Leann! *waves* I love all your vide grenier finds! Oooh I'm lovin' that jardinere! I can't wait till it comes home to me! It's a good thing I don't live near by or I'd buy up all your stock *winks* Love your blog as well! And please tell me more about Romantic Homes! (it's my favorite mag)Can't wait to see all your new linens. Have a great week! V

  13. your finds are so beautiful! i know i will give in and buy something. even though your wonderful euro is a pain in my wallet as the dollar is so sub-par! gar. darn you dollar.

    anywhoo just wanted to say hello & thanks for commenting on my blog i really appreciate your comments because I enjoy your blog so much.


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