Shop update.......

{new stock -fabulously french}

A quick stock update.....

We have one set of the bottle wings remaining and it is unlikely that we will be getting any more.

We have 4 draft stoppers left, 3 taupe with black stitching and one in the red striped fabric with red fancy stitching.

Taupe/creamy white fabric with black hand done cross stitch

Red/white striped fabric with fabulous red embroidery

We have a few Petit Coterie burlap cushion covers remaining, including 1 x Paris No.1, 2 x Bonne Nuit, 2 Reves x doux and 2 x Majestic Accent.

I have added quite a few new products today, including this fabulous antique lace collar.

For further details please vistit the fabulously french "new in" page.

A bientot,

L x


  1. Oh Leeann these are all just divine! I love those hearts and the Bonne Nuit cushions, might have to go and re-think the budget for this month!! Have a lovely day - Tina x

  2. Everything in your shop is absolutely divine!


  3. So Charming...You do great work, xoxo~Kathy.

  4. Hello! Thanks for subscribing at my blog!!!! Finally I found some time to take a tour on your blog... Kisses from Italy, Zaira

  5. I love those pillows! I need one!

  6. Everything is beautiful! I especially love the burlap cushions and the little hearts at the top :)

  7. Those draft stoppers have to be THE most elegant ones I have even seen. Here, they call them "snakes" and they just are never very attractive. So many delightful new goodies you have in your shop! -Lili

  8. Just beautiful... and I love the hearts.. and also wanted to say that the lovely pillowcases I ordered from you arrived safely (and beautifully packaged I may add) - here in Oz.. couldn't be more pleased with them - thank you!

  9. Red hearts and the lace collar are just tooooo delicious for words. February is very much a Heart month for me, anniversary, valentines day and my birthday all coming up.

  10. Absolutely stunning.....

  11. Hi Leeann,

    What amazing gifts you have in your shop ~ I love the burlap cushions and the antique lace collar.

    Happy week

  12. The draft stoppers and hearts are gorgeous...beautiful new items.

  13. ooh! Love those pillows!!
    Stop by my blog if you get a chance and check out the week long giveaway. I know you will love it! :)


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