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Bonjour mes amis,

I am pleased to report that that the shopping trip was a success.

We got everything on our list and more, but unfortunately no clothing or shoes "pour moi,une autre fois peut-être ".

In France the stores do not hold a lot of stock so you often see something you like only too find out that there are none in stock and that they are not getting any more or if they are it will be arriving in 12 weeks time.

So I was happy when we were able to buy what we wanted, not sure that Mr FF agrees with this though as shopping makes him a little grumpy.

We managed to fit in a visit to Maisons du Monde, which is one of my favourite stores and they always have items that are different to the other stores.

I bought a mirror for the bathroom and some wall lights to go on either side of the mirror and was in the process of leaving when I realised that I had lost Mr FF.
I found him lying on the funky red couch that is shown above, he adores it and is convinced that it would be perfect for lounging on in the corner of our new bedroom.

As you know I am a lover of neutral shades and red is not really neutral.

I am talking him out of and was doing well until I found him with the Maisons du Monde catalogue this morning, open at the page with the couch on it.

Perhaps I could bribe him with a new power tool, what do you think?

L x


  1. It is so wonderfully over the top...and every room can do with a touch of red!

  2. I understand you, a red couch is a bit "engaging"...I love Maison du Monde as well, on Saturday I'm going to one of its shops to make a list for my brand new home (I'm so excited!!) and it's veeery long.... Bisous

  3. He was probably seduced by the Union flags, can't you make him some cushions with faded flags & find a compromise? Far more interesting than having to but a power tool?!

  4. Oh yes, red is definitely one of the last colours I gravitate towards - you must try some new power tool with your husband!

  5. Sorry but I am with Mr FF, Love, Love, Love it. Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner lol.

  6. Dear Leeann,
    It's really funny because I did a red post yesterday and, so many blogs that I have looked at since, have been about red !!
    There must be something in the air !! XXXX

  7. Yes you are correct, very befitting with the Union Jack motifs.....
    Thanks for stopping by the blog,

  8. Ha - great post! I think the couch is fabulous. You could throw on neutral pillows to tone down the red perhaps, as a compromise?

  9. Tell him it's far too expensive and that you can only do 'vintage' now for furniture... But you'd love to buy him the power tool of his choice ;-)

  10. It's kind of a fun looking piece, but I totally understand where you're coming from! Bet he wouldn't be a grumpy shopper anymore if he had his own man cave to decorate! ~Lili

  11. I think this calls for a really big power tool!!!!!!!!Maryanne:)

  12. I'm sure you'll be able to convince him that relaxing and red simply do not go together, and that he would very soon get sick of it. Good luck.

  13. Better get him a power tool catalog right away!
    I cannot see this little love seat in your home, no way.

    My husband gets grouchy while shopping too. They just don't get it!


  14. Its so wonderful to hear your shopping trip went well. I only wish I could find beautiful wall light here in Oz, we must be the ugly land of wall lights. I love it when husbands become interior designers & venture out of there tool sheds! good luck with the catalogue.
    enjoy your weekend...Cate :)

  15. How funny Leann your mr ff sounds so much like my big aussie guy and boy when they get a bee in their bonnet there is no stopping them. I did get quite a giggle when reading your post as it sound quite familiar; you do know i think half of it is just to annoy us. Oh maybe a power tool sounds good.x

  16. Oh dear Leeann, Mr. FF needs to be led away from this ever-so-gently. Let me know if you have any problems. I had to do the same with MOTH recently - it involved a set of awful sheer black curtains studded with fake diamonds on these weird silver tracks. The intended room would have been a cross between a Needle Exchange Clinic & a Bordello if he'd got his way.
    Millie ^_^

  17. Absolutely he should have it! What is in the bedroom is much less important than what goes on in the bedroom. A happy husband is worth a red couch.

  18. haha i love that he was caught looking at it in the catalog! :) too funny. my boyfriend is uninterested in or against shopping trips for the most part but sometimes will surprise me with his strong opinion about the greatness of some product (which often times is weird or garish) your couch story remind me of this :)
    love your blog, makes me wish i was in France (more than i already did) lol
    Rachel @


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