Today I love.....

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......this fabulous chair. It is perfect for me and the crown is the finishing touch. Not so sure that Mr FF will agree as it is around the 2500 euro mark and not on sale!

This is how it is described on the Gilles Nouailhac website "This regal armchair, with its golden crown embossed on supple natural leather, presents a majestic image. Chrome nail heads and aged-wood patina. "

Is it too early to start making a list for Pere Noel? I think not.....

L x

ps the shopping did not go well yesterday as everything that I wanted to buy online was not on sale, but today I bought something fabulous which I think you will like.... all I am going to say is that it has wings but does not fly and I will show you it tomorrow.


  1. the pricetag ... ouch ...but the chair ... aaaaaaahhhh

  2. Isn't that yummy. Furniture makers are getting so much more creative.

  3. Beg, steal or borrow - you have to have it! Leigh

  4. That chair is so frenchee chic and very regal.
    Forget the price, you have to have it!!!

  5. Oh come on - didn't you read my Dec 31 post??? SPLURGEEEEE. (Tell Mr FF that I'm a devil in disguise ;-) Mind you, you're too tall - if you sat on that the crown wouldn't be on your head... It needs to be on your head ;-) Kisses!! Nothing on sale for me by internet either but everything between 50 and 70% in Toulouse already. Hope it doesn't snow tomorrow...

  6. oh I agree - wonderful chair :)

  7. Furniture makers are getting so much more creative.

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