j'adore la tour eiffel.....

I have this thing about the Eiffel Tower, ever since I saw "her" almost 14 years ago, I have been obessed with her.

How could you not love this fabulous structure? She always looks..........fabulous and bien sur, she is well and truly French in every sense of the word.

For those who share my obsession, we have some Eiffel Tower inspired items in the fabulously french online shop including:

a pair of mini Eiffel Tower statues which look equally as good on a desk as they do on a hall table or in a bookcase or

.....a bookmark that is truly unique in all senses of the word *** sold***

or a pair of fabulous glasses which would make great candle holders.....

My personal favourite is this fushia pink key ring, oh so pretty.....

For those of you who also adore the Eiffel Tower, here is a link to the official Eiffel Tower website....

The sales have started today so I am off to have a browse.....just do not tell Mr FF!


L x


  1. Pretty indeed1
    Happy day,

  2. Happy shopping Missy! I'm keeping away from the crowds - even though there is NO SNOW! Did you know they auctioned off parts of one of the Eiffel Tower's staircases??? I sooo would've love to have been at the auction but would never have been able to afford it. A few stairs, still intact, were worth nearly the same price as a small island in the Pacific!

  3. When I was about ten, I was given a small Eiffel Tower, it was pot metal. My Mother
    and I sat down and looked at a Paris Magazine. !950 Houston Texas. We never belonged in Texas. The first time
    I saw it in real life, I remembered that little tower I had. It's Awesome. Key chain is cute.

  4. Huummm, love these gift ideas.The bookmark is tres chic!

  5. I love the Eiffel Tower too! There is something truly inspirational about it!

  6. I to was smitten by the Eiffel Tower about 15 years ago. Haven't seen it since, but anytime I see something with Eiffel Tower I have to have it. My husband makes fun of me because of this! I bought the cutest wind chime the other day with tiny Eiffel Tower all over it!
    Have a great day! TOT

  7. I hope to see 'her' one day! Hopefully soon! I love all your items! :)-Jennifer

  8. Some day Paris . . . I know I would be in awe of her too! --Lili

  9. Mmm... I will never get over the delightful shock of Beloved Husband (then Beloved Boyfriend) getting down on one knee at the Eiffel Tower. Need I say more??

  10. J'adore la tour Eiffel aussi!

  11. I can't wait to see her en Avril! Thankfully this time I am bringing my fabulous camera so that at the very least I can bring home some wonderful shots of her~
    I hope you had fun shopping and found something marvelous!

  12. I am still in awe....after 28 years.

  13. Good luck with the sales Leeann, and I hope that you have fun shopping and find something lovely for yourself.
    Your Eiffle Towers are wonderful and it is a magnificent structure and great to see.

    Happy week

  14. Enjoy your shopping - sounds like the perfect day! Leigh

  15. Finally! Someone with the same ailment as myself! The Eiffel Tower Obsession! What a wonderful thing to suffer. I'm in awe of "her" and collect novelties of the beauty. Thank you for sharing this lovely post! Stacy Mayer

  16. Oh my gosh, that bookmark is so fabulous!

  17. Soooooooooooo excited to see this post. I absolutely love eiffel towers and have a collection of them. Happy to find your blog.
    Happy day.

  18. Great tower items. I so enjoy this French symbol also.


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