Friday, 8 January 2010

Fabulous Friday Flowers

{image - Wai-Lin Yau}

What a lovely surprise to wake up to! These beautiful photos were in my inbox and were sent to me by a guest that stayed with us at Maison de Poitiers last year.

{image - Wai-Lin Yau}

Merci beaucoup Wai-lin, I adore them as they have brightened up what is going to be another very cold day in SW France.

Looking at these photos has reminded me how beautiful it is here in the Summer and how happy these flowers make me feel.

Je vous souhaite à tous un vendredi fabuleux,

L x

ps will shared my winged purchase with you tomorrow as I need to photograph it first.


  1. Aloha, a deep breath of SUNSHINE...oo la la

  2. Totally beautiful.... :-) they make me smile too.... xx

  3. How refreshing to see a touch of summer - I've seen nothing but snow for the past 2 weeks!

  4. whaou what a color. (are they retouched in photoshop? if not this is an amazing pic !!)
    I'm from south east and we don't have these, we have lavender instead :-)
    only 5 months before the summer !! courage !!


  5. Great photos to warm up a cold winter morning. Thanks for bringing a little floral cheer with my coffee.

  6. Oh my! I want to dive right into the picture! Leeane, thanks for dropping by - your blog looks like fun and I am going to poke around in your shop and check out your accomadations! How far are you from Spain? That is on our agenda for next June!

  7. Heidi, from Maison No. 20 it is 3 1/2 hours to San Sebastian and just over 5 hours to Barcelona.

    A bientot,


  8. What a great pic of those gorgeous sunflowers. It reminds me of riding aroung the back roads of France. Although, I was never able to capture a photo like this. It makes me smile and think summer is on its way. Down the road a bit, but still something to look forward to.
    Blessings in 2010!

  9. Bonjour Frenchie, Wai-lin has this reply for you "I can honestly say no paintshop was involved in the taking of the picture, the flowers were really just that amazing (it helped I had a great camera!), it made capturing their beauty effortless!"

    Bon weekend, Leeann x

  10. Nice blog. You have posted awesome picture of flowers that is appreciated. It made my day. Sunflowers really looks wonderful.

  11. I am a sucker for anything in yellow, but this is such a cheerful picture to see in the heart of a New England winter.

  12. I remember seeing those fields when traveling around Europe in the summer... they seem like they are never going to end... Great Photos!!!


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