Let it snow...

{image from here}

As you have no doubt heard, weather conditions in Northern Europe have disrupted a lot of travellers, including our guests, who were scheduled to arrive at 9pm tonight and will not arrive until the early hours of the morning, but the snow does not seem to have affected these beautiful creatures......

L x


  1. What a breathtaking photo. it's amazing to me how these animals survive all winter in such weather! They really are beautiful.

    Hoping your guests arrive safely and have a Merry Christmas!

    Second Hand Chicks

  2. The weather is never very predictable this time of year....Have a wonderful Holiday with Your guests....now you have a little time to relax before they arrive! MERRY CHRISTMAS,,,xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. What a beautiful photo! Enchanting!
    Happy christmas,

  4. Fortunate for those creatures they don't have to rely on airplanes, trains, etc
    LOVELY photo!
    ENJOY your guests!

  5. What a lovely picture of the snow and deer.
    I hope your guests arrive safely.

    Have a great time entertaining.

  6. Does this mean you'll be up late dear kiwi friend. Had I known - I would've kept you company!

    Enjoy the snow - it's all gone here. I can drive back up to the next door neighbour's now. Bisous

  7. Wonderful Photo's
    we are getting blizzard conditions in Maine. Enjoy your company. The snow is beautiful.
    stay warm, Merry Christmas
    warm greetings to all

  8. At least the weather won't be a problem for Santa! Enjoy the snow!

  9. We have been watching it on the news and it looks lovely to us while we sit here in Summer heat and I have 2nd degree sunburn!!
    Hope you stay warm and your guests arrive safely.
    Ness xx

  10. Was Santa's sleigh following just behind? What a beautiful photo. I hope you're keeping snug and warm Leeann - a white Christmas indeed! Amanda xx

  11. Am wondering - how much snow do you have in your village - has it settled ? Such a lovely photograph..Hope guests arrive safely.

  12. Enjoy your snowy landscape. We may have a little rain here in Carmel, but it certainly won't look as pretty as where you dwell.



  13. Hi Leeann
    Thanks for popping over my way. I feel very lucky to have met Ange through this wonderful world of blogging.

    Hope you have a great Christmas... it will certainly be white!!


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