Guess what arrived......

{image from here} petit coterie order. They are gorgeous and look just as good if not better than the photos.

As I was unpacking the order a local lady arrived and demanded that I keep on the french Christmas stockings for her.

I have updated my fabulously french online shop for anyone that wants to order either a stocking for a fabulous burlap pillow case.

We have quite a few designs in stock including:

The most fabulous where angels keep watch cushion

I love the wreath detail on this one and it has my favourite word on it........

This one is adorable and I love it when it is put with the "bonne nuit" cushion

This is my favourite one, as I believe that love is magic.........

I will be back tomorrow with photos of my grand cork wreath and also the steps that I followed inorder to create it.....
L x


  1. I love the Angels one too... ;-) They are truly fabulous so enjoy them while you can- I'm sure they won't last long in your shop!!

  2. Famous last words Ange, the angels one was one of the first to go....

    Leeann x

  3. These pillows are to-die-for! What is the price in dollars? I looked at your website but I am not clear as to whether the price is francs or dollars.
    I'd love to order one.

  4. These pillow are magic. Cannot wait to see the wreath.

  5. Every single item is beautiful!! Love it all!

  6. your cushions are simply beautiful, love them all.

  7. Lovely!! Everything is beautiful!!!

  8. OOOOOOH...everything looks amazing..I am off to visit your shop. Thank you for visiting me and now I have found you..your blog is so lovely. I just have to follow you because I do not want to miss another one of your posts.

  9. Gorgeous! I love them all. Thank you for your lovely blog. I vist often.


  10. I so needed this post, you don't know. Gorgeous,

  11. I am waiting for some cushions to arrive from Michelle. They are so beautiful. They will sell like hotcakes. XXXX

  12. These are pure perfection! Just lovely x

  13. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  14. Congratulations on receiving the lovely items. Her work is so pretty. Thank you for your comment on my blog as well. I am trying to see if I can work Toulouse in to my trip. If I can a cuppa and your garage are on the top fo my list!


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