Tuesday, 6 October 2009

j'adore ça......

{Image from here}

What a fabulous idea. As you know I adore moth orchids and am also partial to a glass of champagne so when I saw this photo of the censational girl blog I thought fabulous.

I think that I will buy another vintage champagne bucket as I only have one at present and do not think that it is practical to use for both keeping the champagne cold and holding the orchid....could get a little messy.

Vous souhaiter une belle journée

L x


  1. Such a lovely idea - I'm always looking for different things to use as vases so will definitely try this. Thanks! Leigh

  2. What a great idea and doesn't it look great ?
    I think that I might pinch that idea !!!! XXXX

  3. Wow what a great idea.. I mamaged to keep an orchid alive for 2 years, which is a Major accomplishment for me. now if only it's home was in a vintage champagne bucket - it may have wanted to stay around a little longer!,

  4. Those orchids are so beautiful - I love moth orchids, too, but have such trouble keeping them (any orchids!) alive. I will just have to love them from afar.
    Love that shot - the mirror, the champagne bucket - I have a trio of them as planters! They are fabulous!
    Happy New Week!
    xo Isa

  5. Good Idea. You can never have too many of either!!!!!

  6. yes that works really well! I am going to have to steal the idea!

  7. Have vintage champagne bucket and two year orchid... but not in the same space. Problem not so much as in messy - but warm champagne is such a let down! We have some AMAZING addresses in Champagne. Come and have a tasting in Toulouse and we can organise a champagne and bucket trip ;-)

  8. you seem to have a fabulous green thumb! This is such an elegant idea! Mind if I borrow it?

  9. Yes, I guess you will need a second one :) What a fabulous idea!!!

    :) T

  10. Thank you! This is a very good idea you give us!

  11. Tres chic! What a novel idea. Thanks for sharing. Lee :)

  12. This is such a chic idea-I must do this!

  13. Tres chic to keep your orchid in a champagne bucket. This is my first visit to your gorgeous site. Lots of beautiful stuff to see here. Wow.
    A bientot,


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