A fabulous time....


Hope that you all had a fabulous weekend. We had a very busy one which is very normal for us.

Yesterday morning was spent a 2 vide greniers where I managed to find a fabulous antique bed which I am planning on using as a day bed in the last apartment. I love the look of an old antique french bed piled high with lots of cushions.

I was on the look out for old linen as I am currently sourcing for a couple of lovely ladies in New Zealand who are going to be exhibiting at a french market day in a couple of weeks time. It is that same old story, when you are looking for something particular you can never find it.

That said, I have been fortunate to find quite a few lovely items which I am sure will look fabulous when displayed at the french market day.

Last week we stayed at the most gorgeous Chambres D'hotes which we both loved and I thought that you would like to see some photos.......

The room in which we stayed in

The lovely ensuite bathroom

The lovely dining room, where breakfast is served

Another shot of the fabulous dining room, I adore the lamps!

Guest sitting room

Another shot of the guest sitting room complete with old wine tanks

Pool area

Another fabulous lounging area

Garden statute

For more details on Saint Domingue , please visit their gorgeous website. Note Nabonne is about a 5 hour drive from us and is a gorgeous town with lots of places to visit including the fabulous walled city of Carcassone.

On the way home we stopped near Toulouse to meet up with
Angela, a kiwi that I have met through blogging but had never seen in person.

I called her to say that we were near the village where she lives and it was unreal as I have not heard another kiwi voice for a very long time.

We are so similar and like a lot of the same things so Mr FF was a little overwhelmed by all the chatter. He calls us "budgies on speed".

Angela et moi

Angela is very talented and has lived in France for 15 years and adores vide greniers, her garage is full of lots of fabulous finds.

She is coming to visit us in a couple of weeks time and will be teaching me patine. She will also be bringing lots of "goodies" with her which we will be selling in the shop.

We were only supposed to be popping in for a coffee.....5 hours and a bottle of pink champagne later, we were back on the road headed for home.
This week I am in the process of updating fabulouslyfrench, my online shop so keep your eyes out for some great items.

I will also be showing you some photos of the Fabulously French showroom.
Today I am waxing an antique armoire which is going to display the fabulous Petit Coterie burlap cushions that I have ordered from the lovely Michelle along with some lovely vintage french linen.

I have also been tagged by the lovely Maryanne at Beadboardcountry so will be sharing 7 things about moi later in the week......

A demain et bon courage,

L x


  1. Budgies? Us? Nooo - they're Australian birds ;-) I shall bring more champagne with the goodies in a couple of weeks! Vivement Novembre! Bisous

  2. Sounded like you had such a fabulous time away and to meet up with a fellow Kiwi too must have been great... I envy your vide greniers - so loved going to them when I used to visit France....

  3. What a gorgeous Chambre d'hotes. .... and how lovely to have met a friend and drunk champagne....nothing better in my book. Can't wait to see what you have in your shop. I have just ordered some more cushions from Michelle and I won a slip in her giveaway...lucky me. XXXX

  4. This is a chambre d'hotes to dream of! I really would love to go there somd day!


  5. waw! You had a perfect week end! The hotel looks faboulous and meeting a friend...what's better! I'm going to visit your web-shop and I can't wait to see your showroom!

  6. Hi Leeann,

    What a fabulous weekend you had, getting away from it all. The Chambres D'hotes, was lovely where you stayed.
    Must have been fun meeting another Kiwi girl and to drink champagne.

    Happy week

  7. Hi Leeann, thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad to be following you now. You appear to be living my dream!
    From (another) kiwi Ange.

  8. such beautiful pictures & what a great way to meet a new blog friend.
    hope you have a fabulous week

  9. Looks like you had a fabulous time ~ thanks for sharing so many photos - I would defintely want to stay there. I am excited to see the day bed once you get it in place. Welcome back and have a great week.

  10. What a great looking getaway, I just love the landscaping and pool area.

  11. I'm so envious - sounds like the perfect weekend! Leigh

  12. What a lovely place for a getaway, Leeann. How fun to meet up with a new friend from the old country - that pink champagne looks wonderful! p.s. I'm painting again, the powder room in the city house (it always seems like not so big a job, but when you get started...aargh)

  13. What a wonderful weekend you had and it is always so nice to actually meet blog friends in person. I can't wait to see the photos of your shop.

    xx, Michelle


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