Friday, 21 August 2009

Friday flowers....

Hope that you have all had a good week. Mine has been another busy one and also very hot. Temperatures have been in the late 30's so we are looking forward to some respite from the heat.

These flowers are for each of you to say thanks for all your lovely comments and also especially for my Nana in New Zealand who has been quite poorly and send all our love for a speedy recovery.

Heureux week-end à vous tous
L x


  1. What a fabulous country bunch of sunny very French. Thanks go right back to you for your lovely posts....and our best wishes go to your Nana in N.Z. We wish her well. XXXX

  2. Wishing your nana the very best, think positive thoughts. What a cheerful bouquet!

  3. Have a great summer weekend, Leeann, my fellow paintress...

  4. Thanks for the pretty flowers, and best wishes to your nana!

  5. Have a lovely weekend and best wishes.

  6. Thank you for the flowers and best wishes to your nana, and I hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend. Hugs, Cindy S

  7. Love this gorgeous bunch of sunflowers. Wishing your nana a speedy recovery. Enjoy your cool weekend! Leigh

  8. Bonjour Leeann,

    Many thanks for the lovely bunch of cheery sunflowers.
    Hoping that your Nana will be feeling better and make a speedy recovery.

    Have a happy weekend

  9. LOVEEEEE sunflowers and here they're now gone. Enjoy your weekend,

  10. These have to be the cheeriest and happiest flowers out there. Happy weekend!

  11. I think sunflowers smile back at you and I am sure your Nana will love them...have a great hot weekend, the weather here is slowly warming ... bring on summer!!!

  12. Your flowers are lovely! I do hope your Nana feels better soon. Have a wonderful weekend.

    xo, Michelle

  13. Bonjour! Lovely flowers...I hope this weekend hasn't been so terribly hot for you.
    xo Lidy

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