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Fairies in France

Photo:"Tinkerbell and the admiral" - Kees Terberg

I am not sure about you, but ever since I was a little girl growing up in New Zealand I have loved fairies and have always believed that they lived in the bottom of the garden.

So it was like all my dreams come true, when I stumbled across these beautiful photos taken by local photographer Kees Terberg, who I have featured in an earlier blog.

Photo: "Bee Orchids" - Kees Terberg

I think that this myabe my favourite photo - I love the colours.

This one is also very pretty, I love the wings.........

Photo: "Reflections" - Kees Terberg

This one is also gorgeous, I have a thing about waterlillies.....

For more beautiful photos of very fabulous and of course, french fairies please visit this website.

Bon weekend,

L xx


  1. Merci beaucoup for confirming what I have always believed...fairies do exist!

    Beautiful photos!

  2. Beautiful photos. I´ve also loved fairies. Been fascinated since I was little and saw the fake photos with Frances and the fairies from 1917.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, I will pop over and have a look at the site right now. Thanks for sharing the images. Happy weekend

  4. Leeann,
    These images are fabulous! I have never heard about Kees Terberg ( sounds flamish)!
    I'll take a look at his website!



  5. What a collection of images- how fanciful and full of hope~ as if the fairies are going to fly any minute- so thankful you shared..

  6. Oh how I love these photographs. As Mioora says they are reminisent of the two little girls who claimed to have photographed sprites, in 1917, as depicted in the wonderful film, Fairy Tale.A True Story. XXXX

  7. Oh, so pretty! My favourite is the red one too.

    Happy Week-end :)

  8. Lovely little garden fairies... I do belive, I do belive, I do belive...xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings....

  9. Those are gorgeous. I really love the last one. I totally believe in fairies!!

    I want to make a fairy house for outside or something like that, and just found some good books on fairies that I cant wait to read.

    You have to have some magic in your life to believe in right?

  10. Hi Leean, love the fairy photos; i have two live ones at home, he he. You wont believe it i was talking to our accountant who operates 5 min away from my store and he said that he and his wife have just bought a house in your region in France couldnt believe it how uncany is that oh well must fly Amandaxx

  11. Hi Leeann,

    I believed when I was a little girl, that there were fairies that lived at the bottom of the garden too.
    Love all the beautiful photos you have shared with flowers and fairies.

    Enjoy your weekend

  12. Goodmorning Leeann,
    I was reading your first post from this blog about your hotel Maison de Poitiers!
    Beautiful images on the website of it.
    I filed Maison de Poitiers in My Favourite Hotels and the moment we pass through the region we'll stop by!

    Bon weekend,

  13. These beautiful photos make my day. Thanks for the lead to the site, I'm off to check it out.

    Pleasant weekend,
    Julia @ Drawn to the Sea

  14. So sweet...Have a wonderful weekend Leeann, xv.

  15. AMAZING! love your blog! and your pics. I'll add you to my favourite blog list.Thanks,
    Rosa from Portugal


  17. Abosolutely superb! Whimsical and magical...we all need a little magic in our lives. Thanks for the link to this talented artist.

  18. Just so sweet Leeann. Of course there are fairies at the the bottom of everyone's garden, I couldn't possibily contemplate anything else. What fab pics, they have me spell-bound.
    Millie ^_^

  19. Beautiful fairy photos, Leeann. I will be sure to share them with a fairy-loving friend of mine who will love them.

  20. What wonderful fairy photos. I love them! I will visit that site for sure! Thank you for sharing such beauty with us.

    Mermaid Debbie

  21. These are lovely fairy photos! I like the red one and the waterlilies. I've never been to France so will enjoy a little piece of it through your beautiful blog. Thanks for your nice comments about my art you left on!

  22. I love Fairies!!! I make fairy doors for them. These photos are gorgeous!

  23. Such gorgeous photos of these darling little creatures! Leigh

  24. ma che belle foto!!!! sai tra fate ci intendiamo ;)

    Laboratorio delle Fate

  25. My friend caught a fairy and started a blog go get advice on how to take care of it. Peopel were telling him to let it go but I think we have him convinced to keep it. Visit his blog and see what has been happening. He is keeping the fairy in his room and it's becoming more friendly.


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