Painting results...

Maison No. 20 with a new coat of paint

What a busy day, yes you guessed correctly! I have been painting again today and also managed to find some time to take some more photos of Maison No. 20 and have updated the Maison No. 20 website with more photos of the lounge area and the other bedroom.

This is the results of my painting so far........

Unfortunately it is a 3 story house so I still have the shutters/volets on the ground floor to if anyone feels like a spot of painting, you know where I am!

Mr FF has made a new shutter for one of the windows and in his spare? time will make the other. I am in the process of painting it :-)

He is also going to make some volets for the dormer windows in the attic but they need a little work before that can happen.

This is our new front door.......

Tomorrow I am painting the frame again and also need to pretty window frame at the top, Mr FF is going to remove the glass so that it will be easier for me to paint.

Well this painting girl is all painted out and off for a nice soak in the bath!

à très bientôt

L x


  1. I'm literally drooling over your stunning home! It is a beautiful work of art in progress, and you and Mr. FF should be so proud of your efforts! WOW!

  2. What an inspiration you are my friend! I would love to see maison no. 20 one day - it is lovely.
    Enjoy your bath,

  3. What glorious colours you've chosen! The effect is just beautiful!!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous...fabulous colour, I love it:)

  5. Do you think that Mr. F. F. could come and live with me for a while ? I think that you have got a good one there !!!! Votre maison est tres beau/ belle? I love it. I think that shutters are one of my favourite things. It all looks so beautiful.Give Mr. F.F. a glass of vin rouge and let him jump in the bath after you. ( or with you, if you so desire !!!! )

  6. Oh finally we can see your shutters! Great work you made! I like the colour...very trendy too!!!
    Big hugs

  7. They're just wonderful Leeann. You've done such a great job. I guess all that painting and painting makes you an expert now. You deserve your soak ... Thanks for sharing. Julie

  8. What an unexpected, but beautiful color. I'm wondering how you did it. Did they come off the hinges? I can't imagine you on scaffolding.LOL. Hard work, but worth it!

  9. Hi Leeann,

    I adore your home ~ you have made it so beautiful.
    The shutters and front door are perfect and must be so lovely living there.
    That soak in the bath tub would have been the best after all the hard work.

    Enjoy your week

  10. Leeann your home is incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing these images - I really like being able to picture where people live and spend their time. I would be really proud if I was you.

  11. Hi Leeann,
    I love the color ... wonder where you got the inspiration ... aah the bliss of painting your own home .Would have definitely lend you a helping hand if I was any closer :)
    With these colors ... love is definitely in the air ... ;)

  12. Hi L
    What a pretty color!!
    Looks WONDERFUL.
    Great job.. time for you to have a tea break with a yummy scone.(smile)

    Julie x

  13. What a fabulous job you've done - love the colour. You've certainly brought a beautiful old lady back to life. Leigh

  14. Hi! I love "les volets" and the colours are fabulous! From AK

  15. This looks amazing!!! Totally gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE the color you chose!

  16. Leeann,

    You must be so satisfied with the results. Their is nothing like breathing new life into an old building. I just adore the stone work on the facade.

  17. What a gorgeous home. You should be very proud of your hardwork, it looks great.

    I'd love to come stay for awhile.

  18. Love the colors against the stone-perfect!

  19. I'm having "commenting technical issues!" so if this goes more than once, I'm terribly sorry!

    I LOVE the color you are using - it's looking beautiful, and your door is gorgeous! I want to come live there! SO Dreamy!
    xo Isa

  20. Well done - you must be very very tired after all this hard painting but the shutters look wonderful, xv.

  21. Leeann, you're doing an amazing job on the painting front! Looking great!

  22. Thanks so much for your encouragement Leeann - love your blog! Louise

  23. LOVE your site! You are SO talented! Your photos and painting is absolutely amazing! I came across your site from The Beauty File's Blog...and wanted to stop by
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    If you get a chance, check us out and sign up for our Giveaway!!

    I look forward to reading your future posts !!


  24. I'm in love with your front door! How beautiful! You have really been working hard on this and it must be such a pleasure to see how it is turning out.

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  26. Hi Leeann
    I hope I'm right in thinking that at least the ground floor shutters will be marginally easier to paint! I would help if I could, truly! And the colour is gorgeous!

  27. My goodness - again I am asking for a swap of lives- just for a summer moment. It's a little chilly here at the moment and those lovely shutters really make me want to go back to France - great job


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