Hortensia love

Photo: Maison No. 20 dining area

I just love hortensias or hydrangeas as they are known in english. I love all the colours:

Blanc/White -pure and delicate

Bleue/Blue - so vibrant

Rose/Pink - pretty in pink

My favourite colour is pink althought I do love the white, the flowers look so pure and untouched.

Thanks to you all for your lovely comments re the painting photos. For those of you that asked how they were rehung, poor Mr FF had to carry them through the house and then balance on the windowsill - not an easy task and I was holding my breath while he did it. Fortunately we colour coded each set with wire as each pair varies slightly in size :-)

I cheated a little yesterday as Mr FF has not had time to complete making the new shutters for the ground floor windows so I just gave the old ones a quick coat of paint as we have guests arriving on Sunday and I want the house to look good.

I had to smile as while I was doing it all the locals kept coming up to me and telling me what a good job I was doing. I explained to them that they were only temporary which puzzled them as the french have a habit of just painting over everything and do not bother with sanding etc so you could say that je suis très francaise:-)

We are now hard at work on the hall entrance so hope to post some photos by the end of the week.

Bon courage

L x


  1. I love hortensias! The white ones are my favourite!
    Happy day!

  2. I have lots of blue hydrangeas at our farmhouse, but some of them become a bit purple. Oh, your poor painting arms must be pretty tired by now, Leeann. I painted a couple of bookcases a couple of weeks ago and my arms sure got a workout just from that.

  3. I am a lover of hydrangeas too! Beautiful blog.

  4. Hortensias are my favourites too....Aren't they fabulous at the moment? xv.

  5. Such lovely flowers! I can't wait to finish the inside of my house so we can work on the flower gardens and plant bunches of bushes of them.

  6. Lovely photos Leeann :)

    I really like the way you have done the shelves too.....looks beautiful :)

  7. The are vibrant 'globes' of perfection!

  8. Hydrangeas are one of my absolute favourites. I love them when they are acid green. My daughter-in-law had them in her wedding bouquet and they looked beautiful. Can't wait to see your next lot of photos. XXXX

  9. Hi Leeann,

    I love hydrangeas and have a few growing. I have a beautiful white one in a pot, but they really do need to be kept indoors when they are flowering as they do not like the rain.

    the little apartment we rented in Paris when we were there, had shutters. Every time you opened the windows, some of the flakes of paint would fall down to the pavement below. That place could have really done with some TLC. Was fun though - I swear that French people do not sleep - you could hear voices, high heels clipping up the street and happy people everywhere. It was nice! once you got used to the nightlife in Paris.


  10. Leeann-The French are so French.

  11. It's so funny, I stopped in a nursery today and took loads of photos...many of which include these same flowers!

  12. My very favorites are my Limelight Hydrangea bushes. I love how they start chartreuse and then turn a muted white, and finally, if you leave them on the bush, a washed out pink.

  13. Fabulous blog, stylish and varied. I shall be back.

  14. My favorite flowers also !!

  15. All of you people living in Europe should enjoy these beautiful blooms. I live in Tokyo, Japan and due to the "lost in translation" thing, I paid almost 100 dollars, yes that's 100 dollars for 3 blooms yesterday. It's a good thing that they dry, they will be with me for the rest of my life, I may have to take them to my grave, I know that I will be taking the price of them there, I dare not tell my husband!!!!!


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