Friday, 24 July 2009

Friday Flowers....

Here's wishing you a fabulous Friday and a tres bon weekend.
L x
p.s. I am still busy painting my latest project which I am sure that you will love. It has to be finished by Sunday as our guests need it as I am working as fast as I can....


  1. Love this picture - oh to be on that bike with a basket full of flowers in the front!

  2. The perfect weekend send-off! Beautiful photo!

  3. Hi! Beautiful photo!I love both bikes and flowers, so it`s perfect! Have a great weekend!

    From AK

  4. Bike and flowers?? Two of the things I like more! I'm looking forward to see your new project!
    Happy week end!

  5. Hi Leeann,

    Love the bicycle and basket of flowers.
    Good luck with the painting and enjoy your weekend.


  6. A favourite image of mine! When I lived in Paris for three years, every week I bought a bouquet of flowers from my fleuriste and attached it the back of my bicycle, just like the one in the photo for the ride home.

  7. Great image!
    Happy Week-end Leeann....good luck with your painting :)

  8. That is one beautiful picture....I love sums up summer. XXXX

  9. Hi , sorry i havent left a comment for a while; having trouble with my eyes. Anyway i am spending some time today doing some blogging. I love your appartment photos great to see someone else getting into some painting.....tell me are you going to be renting them because we are coming to France next year, maybe we can come and stay with you give me an email :

  10. I thought I posted something here! hmmm - blonde moment.
    What I meant to post was - I love this pic, the bicycle needs to have a basket in the front filled with those lovely flowers.

    Thank you for posing and enjoy the weekend x

  11. I can never pass up a flower market.
    They are as important as air to me!

  12. What a beautiful blog! I just discovered you, via Basil Becky, and am excited to read more!

  13. Hi Leeann, my email address is in my comment above. I had a look at your accomodation blogsite, we love it. We were wanting to go to the South of France and maybe stay around the Luberon Region; how far are you from there. Anyway good luck with my email. Love Amanda xxxx

  14. Beautiful photo. This is my first time visiting your blog. I really like it. Hope you had a nice weekend.


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