Fabulous flea markets...

I recently bought a book about flea markets in France aptly called "The Flea Markets of France" and thought that it was too good not to share.

It is written by an American; Sandy Price who has lived and travelled all over France and not only does she tell you where to go and what to buy, she also tells you about the area itself and other things to do whilst you are there.

Photo: The little bookroom

The photos are fabulous and you can tell that Emily Laxer, the photographer has spent a lot of time in France as her photos capture the markets prefectly......I think that it is worth buying for the photos alone.

The book measures 6 inches by 6 inches so it is the perfect size to slip inside your handbag.

And it even has an Australian connection as Pia Jane Bijkerk, who I am sure that most of you already know through her stunning blog; Pia Jane Bijkerk enhance the everyday, created the book cover.

I think that we should get a group together, hire a bus (plenty of room for our purchases)and set off visiting all the places in the book - what a fabulous way to see France!

We may even have some time to see some tourist attractions along the way :-)

Leeann x


  1. What a lovely idea! Can I come?

  2. Looks like a fabulous book - wish I'd had it a month ago!

  3. That would be so much fun!
    What a lovely little book and would just be so neat to go around all the French flea markets.


  4. Oh, that would be fun!

  5. I want a window seat !! I love the markets of Europe.. They are really lovely places to find the most wonderful treasures. I have to say I am more familiar with Italian Markets, so I mush have a look at this book.

    Thanks Leeann

  6. Count me in Leeann! Do you think we'd be a well-behaved & lady-like group or more, happy go-lucky & just a smidgey loud?
    Millie ^_^

  7. Can I book me a seat please?! Happy go lucky and a tad loud sounds like the group I'd like to join :) What a great book :)

  8. I am definity coming...Definity add me to the 'smidey loud' group with Millie, even though I can do well-behaved & Lady-like, A French shopping trip will bring out my happy-go lucky side...

  9. Sorry I have to share, my word verification was 'PORBOY' which would be my Husband if I when to France shopping....!

  10. Hi L
    Sign me up please?
    What a great ideas!!!!

    Julie x

  11. I'm in. Je ne parlez pas francais though. You will have to barter for us. A-M xx

  12. Thanks for the tip on the book, I'm rushing out to buy one now!

  13. Room for one more? We'd need another bus for all our purchases!Would be just fabulous!

  14. I don't know how you weren't on my *favorite french sites* list but you are now. The bus idea sealed it - I am in!!!

  15. Great idea!!! I'll buy this book looks faboulous and interesting!!!
    Bonne soiree!

  16. What a gorgeous little book. I'm thinking of buying one for my sister. We both went to the antique and flea markets in Paris and had a wonderful time. As I'm in the U.K. I'll meet you all out there.The first glass of wine is on me. XXXX

  17. Where do I sign up?

    I think I saw that book at Anthropologie. I'll have to pick it up

  18. This is a very good plan. let's do it

  19. I think there is s consensus that we maybe a bit on the "smidgey loud" side (great expression Millie) and may need a couple of buses; one to follow on behind picking up all our purchases!

    I am planning on working my way through the book starting October.

    L x

  20. the book will be my next purchse on amazon!
    Nice blog...trés jolie!

  21. I like to appreciate for tip on the book, I am thinking of buying one for my sister. It is really very much helpful book.

  22. Bonjour, my French isn't that good so that's a I can say ;) Nice article, thanks.


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