Work in progress

I thought that I would give you a glimpse of what we have been working on....

We have got to the exciting part now as we are starting to move some furniture into the living area of the apartment.

Today I bought the wall clock, which you can see on the far wall in the photo.

I adore the tapestry as it will tie the whole room together, as it has a wine/grapes theme which is fitting to the region as we are literally 5 minutes drive from some of the best vineyards in France.

That said, I am having difficulty finding a wine rack, as there are not a lot available and I may end up getting Mr FF to make me one.

A demain,
L x


  1. Hi Leeann,

    oh you are up to the best part now ~ with all the hard work over with.
    Love your table and chairs, the clock and tapestry and your room is looking great. Now you will be able to enjoy your new room.


  2. Hi L
    Love the dining set, I have a very similar one at my home(smile). I wish everyday I were close to where you are, because I can make a great shopping buddy(smile). Love love the clock.. You are doing a great job with the furnishing and decorating.. GO GIRL!!!

    x Julie

  3. I love how French this looks. I know that is silly, obviously you are in France but you are doing a very good job with French decorating. Tapestry's really warm up a room, it's going to look great.

  4. love the table, so French and just wonderful


  5. Julie,

    I would adore it if you would become my shopping buddy as Mr FF is not that keen and takes a lot of bribing....

    Weather is great here although a little warm 34 degrees and it is only June.

    L x

  6. Beautiful dining room table and chairs. So a-propos!

  7. Have faith, the perfect wine rack is out there just waiting for you to make its acquaintance. Happy hunting!
    Millie ^_^

  8. The living room looks wonderful - love the tapestry!

  9. L-The room is really lovely. I love it all, and especially the tapestry. It is so funny and ironic to be next to vineyards, but no wine racks!

  10. The carving detail is gorgeous!
    I love your new page format too!


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