Butterfly love....

I have adored butterflies (papillon in french) ever since I was a child growing up in New Zealand. There is something magical about butterflies, maybe it is due to the fact that they only live for a very short time so they never grow old.

I have managed to find a series of old pharmacy publicity prints, some of which are featured in the photo above.

Now I just need to find some fabulous french frames.....

L x


  1. They're beautiful!! Nice colour coordination and pretty frames too :-)!

    I also love butterflies, and so does my daughter. She went wild already before the time she could talk and she saw pictures of butterflies. That is why I then already painted butterflies on her walls in her room, especially next to her bed so that she could always look at them :-). Even my nickname for her since she was only a couple of days old was "toukka", which in Finnish means butterfly-baby. And my toukka, who now is 5, has grown into a beautiful butterfly :-).

    Take care!


  2. So pretty-why are they called pharmacy publicity prints? They don't look like ads. Just curious what the history is.

  3. Hi Leeann,

    Your butterfly prints are really lovely and with some French frames, they will look great.

    I love butterflies too. We used to have Monarch butterflies and watching the various stages they went through, was always so exciting.

    Have a great week

  4. Hi Leann, I'm Suzi - another kiwi living away from home - not as far as you - Oz is as far as I go. Just started blogging and am enjoying yours.
    You are living a dream. And...a world without butterflies - I couldn't imagine.

  5. Lovely even without framing! Some things can just stand alone.

  6. I've wanted a vintage Chinese butterfly cabinet few years (and though they're not expensive) I haven't been able to bring myself to pull the trigger! Someday I'll find the perfect one... until the Butterfly Chase continues! What charming prints! They say in Chinese the butterfly symbolized happiness!

  7. Good luck searching for fabulous frames for the papillons!

  8. Hi,

    C'est une bon question! The reason that they are called pharmacy publicity prints is because on the reverse they have an advertisement for a pharmaceutical product and were posted out to clients.

    I will add another photo so that you can see what I mean later today....

    A bientot,

    Leeann x

  9. I could spend hours looking at your blog - oh so beautiful!
    Loving these vintage butterfly prints - so lovely.

  10. The prints are beautiful! Are they sepia toned or in full colour?


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