Thursday, 14 May 2009

Rain, rain go away

Photo: Rodney Smith

We have been lucky as the forecast was rain all week but it held off........until today, which is fortunate for our guests from Norway, who incidentally are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary today - perfect weather for snuggling up.

As for me I am not that lucky and am about to start painting the kitchen.....

L x


  1. Hi L
    We need more rain here in Melbourne, Our water tank for the garden is half full. I love rainy day.(smile) When are you going to have a break from the painting????????.. I wish I was close.. I am good at painting..FYI.

    x Julie

  2. I wish that the end was in sight but have a feeling that this is a way off yet! I wish that you were close too as I could do with a hand :-)

    L x

  3. Hi Leeann

    Please wish harder - we arrive in Paris on Wednesday and would love fine sunny weather!


  4. Happy painting Leanne - I could discuss the merits of its therapeutic qualities, but I think you'd tell me to take a hike!
    Millie ^_^

  5. Maybe your Norway quests would like to help with the painting since there is nothing else to do!!Just a thought!!!oxo Cate

  6. oh no rain! good luck :)


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