Friday, 15 May 2009

Hooked on......french baths

Photo: The Water Monopoly

This week I thought that I would let you into a little secret.........................

I am hooked on french baths, I adore them and hunt for them every chance that I get.

As you know we have a claw foot bath in one of the rooms at Maison de Poitiers but I long to get something a little larger.

Photo: The Water Monopoly

The problem is that once I find one, I will need to find a new house to put it in :-) hence that could be the beginning of a whole new adventure, only time will tell.

I adore the room above and think that this is a good size for a bathroom!

Photo: The Water Monopoly

I like the contrasts in this photo - the colour of the floor, paneled walls and curves on the bath.
So now you know my dirty or should I say clean secret, what are YOU hooked on?
Go visit Julia at Hooked on Housesand see what others are "hooked" on!

Bon weekend

L x
ps Don't forget that it is Pink Saturday tomorrow!


  1. You are so funny - I often feel the same way that if i buy another chair, I'll need another house for it to go in! Bon weekend to you! :)

  2. Aren't they divine...and they look beautiful in either classic or contemporary settings.

  3. Those baths are indeed inviting. The stress of life would just melt away while bathing in such beauty....

  4. Very nice tubs, and nice rooms too :-) Love the combination of the shiny, sleek white tub and the dark, rough wood floor in the last picture.

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  5. Perhaps you could join up with Hooked On Houses to do a special about bath-tub scenes in movies? I'm sure there was one in Marie Antoinette, and Perfume, and probably others that I'm blanking on right now!

  6. LOVE these tubs... I am totally a bath girl... so this post makes me soooo HAPPY... Enjoy a soak!

  7. That copper tub and the bathroom it sits in is gorgeous! Love it! I see why you pine away for these beauties!
    Happy weekend!
    xo Isa

  8. I'm tub-cleaner-in-chief at our house and I avoid tub bathing at all times. None the less I like these tubs because you can clean them from at least 3 sides. That helps avoid embarrassing tub cleaning postures.

  9. I just love the last image! Beautiful! HAve a fantastic weekend!

  10. I have seen that copper tub a few other places. All I have to say is oh la la.

  11. Love claw foot tubs, especially the in a slightly contemporary setting - the juxtaposition is wonderful!

  12. The baths are all so beautiful and what lovely rooms.
    I have an old ball and claw foot bath and it is very heavy. We had to have the floor boards replaced as the chip board floor was not strong enough.

    Have a great week.

  13. After a claw foot, a French tub is next on my bathroom must have list. These are just lovely.
    Ness xx


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