French Friday

Photo: Polly Wreford

This week I have been invited to participate in the french friday blog party hosted by AK, if you have not already guessed by the name, she is saluting everything that is french, every Friday.

I love everything french and I adore living in France.
One of my favourite things is Louis chairs, I adore them and believe that you simply cannot have enough of them......
just as one can never have too many shoes, be too thin or too rich :-).
Enjoy your Friday where ever you maybe in the world and if you feel like indulging in somemore french things please visit

Bon weekend
L xx


  1. Thank you for joining and for the great presentation of my French friday blog party! but my name is AK, not Anders ( that`s my boyfriend) Haha!!!!Love the chairs, you show so much beautiful things! Have a great friday! From AK

  2. Love the black and white! I also love Louis chairs - they're so versatile and suit so many rooms. Have a lovely weekend.


  3. AK, sincere apologies I have amended the entry. Bon vendredi.....
    Leeann x

  4. Hi L
    I like Louis Chair so very much too. I just got a few louis chair frames.. can't wait to upholster them.. Have a great weekend!


  5. I am also a Louis Chair Lover/Collector, I never have enough shoes, I think I am thin enough (with a bit more exercise) and I will never have enough money...and I will never be French enough(not with my Australian accent!!)Enjoy your weekend :)

  6. A home is not a home with out a Louis!

  7. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing and letting me know about French Friday, I will go take a look. Happy weekend!

  8. J'adore la chaise. C'est magnifique!!!


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