750th Anniversary........

As you know, I was born in the youngest country in the world, which is how they are promoting New Zealand at present around the world so it is a little surreal when the village that you live in is celebrating it's 750th anniversary.

Hence Castillonnes is getting ready to party this year and we have a lot of events taking place including music concerts in the square and also medieval banquets complete with costumes.

My very lovely and patient French teacher's husband (Didier) has taken a series of photographs which are going to be used as part of the 750th program.

The one that I sharing with you today is my favourite, I am sure that you will agree.

A demain et merci beaucoup Didier, c'est super!



  1. Sounds like fun - how wonderful to be part of these celebrations. Great photo - he must have had fun putting it together!

  2. 'Happy Birthday Castillonnes' and what is better than having a Party that last all year long...

  3. Happy 750th anniversary! Wish I could be their to celebrate Castillonne's birthday with you.

  4. That is so neat that you live in a little part of history. Every day must hold something special for you there.

  5. happy birthday xxx


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