Tour of Ma Maison - Part 2

Continuing on from yesterday......

The chambre rouge is one of the biggest rooms in the house and as you know if you read last Friday's hooked on post has a lovely antique bed in it.

There is something about antique furniture, every piece has it's own story............

I adore butterflies so have quite a few dotted around the house including a collection of Australian butterflies on the wall that I bought from an Iranian lady in Dubai, I did not ask how she came about them.

The one in the photo is a french collection which has typed labels under each one, I adore it.

I love the louis chairs, I bought them in Dubai and was going to have them recovered and have not got around to it.

Moving right along, we have the ensuite bathroom which includes the original bath which I repainted.

Well that is about it for today, I was hoping to include the dining room but I am running out of time as I have a date with a paintbrush again today.

I will continue part 3 next week as I am participating in Fifi flowers fashionable Friday tomorrow and also Miss Beverly's very fabulous Pink Saturday this week.


L x


  1. Oh.. L..
    Speechless. I could do recover of your Louis chair for you if you were near here.(smile)
    x Julie

  2. Hi Leeann

    It's all so beautiful - you've done a wonderful job of bringing this old lady back to life. Look forward to next weeks photos of the dining room!


  3. So lovely. I feel like I'm back in France.

  4. You have a seriously beautiful home. I am especially besotted with your bathroom! Thank you so much for the tour. Looking forward to Part 3. Lee :)

  5. I love the room and I am peeking out the windows, too. It's a little journey from my home in the mountains.

  6. You have a lovely house. That tub is to die for!

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    Your home looks amazing... I love using red when decorating! So warm, inviting and a bit sultry.
    Votre maison est magnifique!
    Kelli ~ A Rendez-Vous with Style

  8. Beautiful. I could easily dream in that room with not a care in the world. You've done a really lovely job. Each piece is amazing and I agree with you on the history of antiques and the romance they carry with them.
    Bonne journée!


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