Some French Easter Facts

Photo courtesy of Epicerie de Charles

In France, church bells stop ringing on the Thursday before Good Friday and do not ring again until Easter Sunday morning. The reason for this is that all the bells are supposed to fly to the Vatican carrying with them the grief of those who mourn the crucifixion; then these flying bells (cloche volant) return on Easter Sunday bringing with them lots of chocolate and eggs.

Another French custom is a contest of rolling raw eggs down a gentle slope – the surviving egg is the victory egg symbolising the stone that was rolled away from Christ’s tomb. Kids also throw eggs in the air – the first one to drop theirs is the loser who must pay a penalty.
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  1. I didn't know that....about the churches in France- the reverance is astounding!

  2. So interesting about the bells! I had no idea. I just love this post and I love your blog! It is fantastic!

  3. félicitations pour votre blog, il est raffiné et vous avez si bien repris tous les aspects de la France qui font son charme !... je suis le directeur de l'épicerie de Charles, c'est ainsi que j'ai trouvé votre blog grâce à) la reprise d'une de nos photos... bravo et continuez !
    Emmanuel NAUWELAERS


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