Cupcakes again

The other day I searched and searched and could not find a photo of the butterfly cakes that my nana used to make for us when we were small.

Well guess what? I found the most fabulous photo..........

Photo: Polly Wreford

Hope that you are all having a fabulous weekend.

L x


  1. Oh my cranky old Aunt used to make these too and she used to get mad at me if I took the wings off to eat them first! They were so yummy though! Gorgeous picture! A-M xx

  2. Put the coffee on ..... I'll be there in a minute!

  3. Oh. I love butterfly cupcakes. My nan use to make them for me when I was a little girl. Maybe I should make some tomorrow for my kids as its school holidays. thank you what a perfect idea.

    now I'm hungry.

  4. My granny used to call them Butterfly cakes and we all used to help her decorate them with butter icing and either "hundreds and thousands" or chocolate chips...
    Wonderful post - thanks :)

  5. what a lovely, yummy post!

    i love polly wreford's photography...i had actually posted about her on my blog with her lingerie photography (she did such a sweet, beautiful job).



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