J'aime La Poste

Here is something else that is fabulously french - those petit yellow vans that you see everywhere in France. They remind me of bumble bees as they are always so efficient in their work, buzzing around the countryside and I now understand why most french people prefer to shop using the internet.

This morning a fabulous black & white toile de jouy noticeboard arrived and the maker had wrapped it in the most colourful paper complete with thirty different coloured stamps - it was almost too pretty to unwrap. I unwrapped it carefully as the stamps were too pretty to throw away and I have taken a photo of it and it is now displayed on the fabulously french online shop.

It is sunny again here, perfect blue sky and not a cloud in the sky............................perfect.

Bonne weekend

L x


  1. I love the yellow vans too !
    Here, it is a man in blue on a bicycle or walking. Not so cute as a yellow van :)

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