DIY Christmas Centrepiece


I don't think there is anything nicer or more rewarding than making your own Christmas decorations.

So I was very happy to receive an email from Bonne Maman with a lot of DIY christmas decoration ideas using Bonne Maman jam jars. 

Ironically we were putting our own Bonne Maman jars to good use last night as we were making jam but we have a few left so they will be perfect for making some decorations.


- Empty  Bonne Maman jam jars 220g

- Fir branches

- Small battery-powered LED garlands

- Small ornaments

- Cardboard

- A pencil and a ruler

- A compass

- A cutter

- A hot glue gun

- Sticky tape



Step 1: Trace 3 circles of 21cm, 19cm and 13cm in diameter on cardboard. Then draw circles of 7cm in diameter in the center of the first 2 discs and on each of the discs a triangle (like a slice of cake). Cut with a cutter.

Step 2: Glue each previously cut cardboard with hot glue. You get 1 cone and 2 truncated cones. Trace, cut out and glue 2 discs of 7cm in diameter which you will then glue to the top of the 2 truncated cones.

Step 3: Turn the 3 cones over and glue 3 discs of 16, 15 and 9 cm on the back.

Step 4: Garnish each layer by gluing fresh fir branches to the cardboard cones. Be sure to respect a sunny effect when gluing to recreate the appearance of a real tree.

Step 5: Arrange the boxes of the mini LED garlands inside the Bonne Maman covers. Hold them in place with kraft tape, which you will take care to cut in circles to fit the shape of the lids.

Step 6: Glue 3 Bonne Maman pots using hot glue under the first tier of the tree. Glue 1 pot under the 2nd tier of the tree as well as under the top of the tree.

Step 7: Arrange the levels of the tree one above the other and decorate small ornaments in your Christmas colors! All you have to do is unscrew the lids to turn your centerpiece on or off.

You can find more ideas from Bonne Maman here.

Happy making and decorating ♥

Leeann x