It is warming up...

As if the first 3 heatwaves were not enough, heatwave no. 4 has arrived and will be staying until Sunday.

Last night whilst we were preparing dinner together (yummy thai Mussels), French Boyfriend says I wonder how hot it is in Marrakech.

Marrakech is a place that we both fell in love with prior to COVID making its horrible appearance and we were toying with the idea of buying a place there.

Typed the words "Meteo Marrakech" on my phone to find out it was 35 degrees. Only 35 degrees responds FB, which is not warm to us now we are accustomed to highs of 38 thanks to the heatwaves of late.

I now understand why Riads in Marrakech have no windows on the exterior as it is to keep out the sun.

So today is going to be about keeping cool, working hard and dreaming about cool and rainy days ♥

Leeann x





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