What a weekend....

20,000 visitors and lots of lovely sunshine. 
The festival was a roaring success and worth waiting two years for
9am  Sunday morning saw a parade of people from local villages dressed in regional costumes which was fabulous. 
After it had finished French Boyfriend went to open the boutique and I returned to the house to look after our guests.
We had been advised that the 2nd parade was going to pass by the front of our main house around 11am and by 10.50 there was a lot of people in the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of the parade.
I decided that I would watch it from the first floor.
Just after 11am all the people waiting suddenly started moving.
Fortunately we have another an property in another street so I rushed there and this is the scene that greeted me when I opened the window... 

The organizers had changed the route  of the parade so there were no crowds.
I could not believe my luck, talk about up close and personal.

 A once in a life time opportunity as the last parade was in 1984 and it will be another 40 years before the next one....

Belle semaine a tous from a sunny SW France ♥

Leeann x



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