A new find - 200 year old Toile de Jouy


Yesterday I decided to start doing some research on a piece if antique toile de jouy that I purchased at the weekend.

It is covered in ornate designs of monuments with medallions of famous people.

In the first scene there is a man on a horse and behind him there are many bridges.

I realised that this scene was of a statue of Henri IV on his horse in Paris.

After a quick search on the internet I learnt that this piece of fabric was created in Jouy in 1818 and is very rare.

There is a piece of the same fabric on display in the Metropolitan Museum in New York. 

Here are some details about this French piece of history...

The Monuments of Paris - Toile de Jouy by Hyppolite Lebas made in France n  1818, engraved by Leisnier and  manufactured by Oberkampf & Cie in Jouy, France.

Interesting Toile de Jouy from the First Restoration period, entitled "Les Monuments de Paris", drawing by Hyppolite Le Bas, printed on cotton with a copper plate .

Very beautiful definition of the engraving, identical to intaglio, and to drawings of the kings of France and Parisian monuments. 

Among others, the statue of Henri IV on the new bridge, the fountain of the Innocents of the Pantheon and the east facade of the Louvre, Perrault wing. 

Neat iconography with medallion portraits of Louis XIV and Louis XVI and an architectural background worthy of the finest achievements of the First Empire! 

Signature of the engraver Leisnier at the bottom of the colonnades of the Louvre . 

The original drawing exhibited at the Gallièra Museum in 1907 specified the words "engraved by J. Mallet". 

Reference: Plate 47 of the History of the Manufacture de Jouy by Henri Clouzot (1928)

The metropolitan museum in New York has a piece of the same fabric on display hence it really is museum quality.

You can find it here in our online boutique.

Belle journee a tous ♥

Leeann x 


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