A sign of things to come


After two years of confinement and restrictions, seeing the stars on the red carper for the Cannes Film Festival 2022 is a happy sight.

Today we thank all of those people that have made this possible including the doctors and nurses who's work is not done yet and they continue to fight the effects of COVID on a daily basis.

Speaking of fighting, we are thinking of people around the world who continue to fight for their freedom and their beliefs.

We thank the press journalists and photographers around the world who put their own lives in danger in order to keep us informed and up to date.

Note for those of you that think the press photographers at Cannes have an easy job, we are not convinced as each one has a ladder a bit higher than that of their colleague so they can get the best shot to show us.

So here's to freedom, something we should never take for granted ♥


Leeann x  


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