French Food Friday - Petit Gateaux aux Graines de Sesames


I purchased a new mold this week with Valentines day in mind and I am hoping to put it to use plan this weekend.

For Valentine's day this year I am planning a special meal at home and since we are unable to travel to Marrakech at present, I will be creating a night in Marrakech chez nous.

We both adore Moroccan food so it should be a fun night.

This recipe and photo caught my eye as it goes with my theme and it will remind French boyfriend of the mornings we used to hop on our bikes and cycle to our local patisserie to buy freshly baked bread and those gorgeous mini sized cakes the Moroccans are famous for. 

Petit Gateaux aux Graines de Sesames  

- 250 g of butter
- 100 g of sugar
- 1 pinch of salt
- vanilla
- 380 g of flour
- apricot jam + red, yellow and green coloring
- 200g sesame seeds
Preparation method:
* Cream the butter and sugar, add the pinch of salt, sifted vanilla and flour and mix until a soft dough is obtained.
* Form 30 g balls, coat them with sesame seeds and press them into silicone molds in the shape of a heart, square or other.
* Bake until golden brown. Let cool and unmold.
* Fill the middle of each cake with colored jelly which is made by combining the apricot jam with drops of food coloring or you could fill with other flavored jam.

Bon vendredi a tous ♥♥

Leeann x



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