One suitcase for two ♥♥


Prendre une valise pour deux/ take one suitcase for two....

This made me laugh and for us it would most certainly be a receipe for disaster.

I am sure it is French Boyfriend's dream to only take one suitcase for the both of us.

Let's just say I do not travel light and my suitcase is always packed to the baggage limit and French Boyfriend's is always on the light side.

Even if it is just a weekend break, I adore getting my suitcase out before selecting and packing the items I think I will need.

In a previous life I travelled a lot for work and spent a lot of time travelling around Europe and going backwards and forward from London to New York and always managed to make do with a carry on suitcase.

Travelling for leisure is a whole different story and if it is a driving holiday I simply throw everything in the car.

Packing lists are a must do and no doubt this makes FB giggle as I cross off each item one by one.

Needless to say I love to research about the place we will be visiting and arrive with notebook containing addresses of the best places to shop, eat, visit etc.

Whilst living and working in Istanbul my colleagues always came to be for advice on the best places to shop.  "You foreigners always know where to go and what to do, it is as if you overcompensate for being a stranger in a foreign land" said one of my Turkish co-workers.

For me, the planning and packing are part of the whole holiday experience and just getting the suitcase out makes my heart flutter.

But as far as sharing a  suitcase is concerned, it is a firm no from me unless my suitcase is too full then I will of course  be happy to share....

Back to dreaming about far off places I go, 

belle journee a tous ♥♥

Leeann x 


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