Joyeux 1er mai/ Happy May day


Normally we would have been up early and  searching for treasures at one of the many antique markets being held  today as a result of it being the 1st of May and a public holiday in France.

This was not be the case as confinement rules are still in place which prohibit us from travelling more than 10 kms and all large events are banned.

The good news is from Monday, the rules will start to be slowly loosened and we will be allowed out and about again.

Today I am send you a bouquet of muget or lily of the valley because
for almost 500 years, it's been a tradition to give these delicate, pretty flowers to those you love, friends and family. 

It dates back to 1561 when King Charles IX was given a sprig on the 1st May and he thought that this was a lovely idea so he gave the flowers to all the ladies of the court for May Day the following year.
This habit was quickly adopted by the French and it became part of French history.

The fabulous photo comes courtesy of the fabulous floral designer responsible for creating the beautiful flower arrangements at Chateau Chennonceau, one of our favourite chateaux in France.

If only there was a flower that brings you freedom and protects you from this nasty virus, I would be sending you this together with the lily of the valley.

Stay safe et Joyeux 1er mai ♥♥ Leeann x 


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