The day I met Prince Philip


It came as a shock to hear that Prince Philip had passed away yesterday. 

99 years old and 77 years of loyal service , he has most certainly earned a rest and I am sure he will be guiding his beloved wife from above. 

I was lucky enough to meet him at a Duke of Edinburgh's Award function taking place at St James Palace in London .  

As invitees, the dress code was strict - hats and dresses for the ladies and suits for the men.

The interior of Saint James Palace left an ever lasting impression both decoration and ambiance wise. The tapestries on the walls are amazing I remember thinking how would you clean these beautiful, huge pieces of history. 

The  minute that Prince Philip walked into the room with his aids was one that I will never forget.

You could hear a pin drop, it was as if everyone was holding their breath waiting for this moment to arrive.

At the time, he would have been around 80 years of age and I remember thinking where does he get his energy from. He took the time to speak to each of the award holders and specially invited guests.

It was a day that I will never forget and a day that made me realise just how hardworking the Queen and Prince Philip are.

Not only is the UK mourning, so are all the other countries in the commonwealth who are I am sure are thinking about the Queen and her family at this very sad time anf thanful for this incredible couple's devotion to their people.

Sending love and prayers to our Queen, may she find the strength to get through this very hard time and may Prince Philip guide her from above ♥♥

Leeann x





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