Christmas shopping

Bonjour from a rainy SW France,

Christmas day is 17 sleeps away and I am not very organised this year.

Last year we spent Christmas in Marrakech with our friends, it was so relaxing as we had a cook who made us fabulous meals and a driver who took us where ever we wanted to go.

Thanks to the current travel restrictions, we are not able to travel and we will be staying put.

As a result, I am determined to make this Christmas extra special for French Boyfriend and I am buying him gifts that will remind of some of the fabulous places we have been lucky enough to visit.

I have even ordered him a special Christmas jumper, he has never worn one so I thought I would try and get him in one this year....

It make take a few glasses of champagne but I will get it on him. 

The thought of this is making me smile as it reminds me of when I purchased a jumper for my Mum's dog and it took a few goes to get it on him. The poor thing, it was 35 degrees and very humid - there is nothing like a NZ Christmas and needless to say it will cooler here in SW France.

Back to sourcing pressies I must go. Stay safe and wishing you a fabulous and productive week ♥♥

 Leeann x  


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