The Rolls Royce of Chocolate Moulds...

Anton Reiche is famous for making the world's best, most valuable and most collected chocolate moulds in the world.

A bit of history

After working for the French chocolate mould company; Letang & Fils in Paris, Anton Reiche decided that he would manufacture his own chocolate moilds as he wanted to create moulds more detailed than those that were available on the market.

In 1870, Friedrich Anton Reiche founded a production facility for tin coatings in Dresden and established a factory for tin boxes and chocolate moulds in 1888. He hired designers to create beautiful designs that could be  turned into chocolate very fine chocolate moulds.

Between both world wars, Anton Reiche Dresden employed around  2000 people. 

Anton Reiche manufactured numerous beautiful moulds. In particular they developed the Platinol moulds, nickel-coated sheet metal moulds. It was the variety and diversity of their products which made them become the most demanded ones ever after. In year 1932 there were as many as 50.000 different moulds.

Another factory was established in the Czech Republic in the 30’s, where the moulds used to have the letters C.S.R. and Monos. After the II World War, company Reiche was closed down, being founded again in Dresden under the name of VEB Schokoladenform. There exist moulds with the name of Gebr. Franck Freital which remind of Anton Reiche. Sometimes even moulds of the 50s can be found which used to be sold under the name of Hans Buhn & Co. in Hamburg, Germany.

For those of you that are interested in learning more about Anton Reicher, this short video is a must watch.

We have been lucky enough to source two of his moulds, which are available in our online boutique and they would make a fabulous gift for anyone that collects chocolate moulds.

Bon week-end from a sunny SW France,

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