French Food Friday - Poulet à la Vallée d'Auge/ Normandy Chicken


Bonjour mes belles,

As you already know we both adore the region of Normandy and we normally spend a week there chilling out and filling our bellies with all of the fabulous food that this stunning region offers. 

Sadly as a result of the corona virus restrictions in place, we will not be able to spend time there this year, so we are making do with ordering online and cooking regional specialities at home.

On our last visit we enjoyed  Poulet à la Vallée d'Auge which is a dish that was created in the area we love and spend our vacances.

Last night we created this dish and loved every mouthful.

Poulet à la Vallée d'Auge/ Normandy Chicken


1 whole chicken 50 g butter 200 g fresh button mushrooms 50 g onion 150 heavy cream 1 glass of cider 1 liqueur glass of Calvados or any other

brandy 1 egg yolk Salt pepper


Preparation 20 min

Cooking time 45 mins

1.Cut the chicken into 4 large pieces.

2.Melt the butter in a casserole dish. Place the chicken pieces in it and brown them.

3.Peel the onion and mince it. Cut off the earthy base from the foot of the button mushrooms. Cut them into strips. Add them to the chicken pieces in the casserole dish. Season with salt and pepper.

4.Flambé it all with Calvados. Add the glass of cider and cover the casserole dish. Simmer over low heat for 45 minutes.

5.Just before servig, place the chicken on a serving platter. Keep warm.

6.In the casserole dish, combine the cooking juices with the heavy cream and the egg yolk. If you are halving the recipe you can discard half of this juice.

7.Top the pieces of chicken with the mushroom, onion and cider sauce. Serve hot, with a nice gratin dauphinois.

Note If you want to make the recipe for two, just use 2 pieces of chicken and half the quantity of mushrooms and the cream.

Bon appetit ♥♥ Leeann x


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