Picnic weather

Bonjour from a sunny SW France,

The weather here is lovely and sunny, perfect weather for a picnic or as the French spell it pique-nique.

The French take their pique-niques very seriously and  a lot of French people  even pack a table and chairs - they really do it in style.

Fortunately we have a lot of places nearby that are perfect for picnics and in each of our apartments, guests will find a picnic hamper.

Yesterday I mentioned to our French guests that had just arrived, that there was a picnic basket in the house for them to use and they  very politely mentioned that it was not necessary as they had one in the car.
Sounds very familiar as when we travel within France, the panier pique-nique always comes with us.

Just writing this has me thinking about a picnic, I love them and there is nothing like having a picnic in la belle France....

belle semaine à tous, Leeann x


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