French food Friday - Baguette aux miettes de dinde et pesto

recipe and photo from Zest magazine December 2011

Bonjour from a very warm SW France,

I am always on the hunt for new ideas for lunch. As you know French Boyfriend has an antiques shop and the village so he comes home for lunch.For some strange reason I have no problem whipping up something new and exciting for dinner but when it comes to lunch  I am a sandwich type of girl.
This is totally the opposite of what French boyfriend prefers to eat for lunch as he is not keen on sandwiches. For the last couple of weeksI have been making pita bread and humuss which we both like as you can pretty much stuff it with what you like.

This morning I  feel like a change so I dug out an old cooking magazine that has not been opened since I purchased it in 2011. On page 114 I found the recipe that  I am making for lunch today. All you need is a baguette, some chicken or turkey, some pesto and some emmental cheese.

 Baguette aux miettes de dinde et pesto

1 baguette or 2 half baguettes
200g of cooked turkey or chicken pieces
70g pesto
120g emmental

1. Preheat the oven to 200C
2. Cut the baguette down the middle and then cut the pieces in half again. 
3. Spread the pesto on the pieces of baguette. Cut the cheese into slices. Place the chicken or turkey pieces on the baguette and then cover with the cheese slices.
4. Cook for 5-10 minutes.
You can eat them on their own or serve with a spinach and tomato salad.



  1. Hi Leeann, I know what you mean about lunch. In this hot weather we often just have some gazpacho and bread and then fruit, or a wrap filled with salad. I do love a salad chèvre chaud, though.


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