Look what I found

Bonjour mes belles,

Yesterday we had a vide-grenier taking place in the village in which we live and it was a large one -  250 stands.

Bigger does not always mean better and we know by experience that we find more at the smaller vide-greniers than we do at the large ones.

I popped out for a quick peak at what was on offer and returned with this child size mannequin which I did not expect to find. Most of the antiques on offer were being sold by dealers and were priced high, hence this was a lucky find for me.

Our guests who were staying especially for the vide-grenier returned with some lovely art deco plates and bowls and some fabulous 1930's wall lights. 

I also found this fabulous antique mustard pot which will be going in the shop and a lamp which is now in French Boyfriend's workshop as he will check that the wiring is okay.

Love the design and the lettering on the pot, they certainly  do not make things like they used to.... 

Bon début de semaine en commençant par un très beau lundi....

Leeann x


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