Roses everywhere - lots of photos

Bonjour from a sunny SW France,

The weather here has been glorious and it is set to continue until  Thursday when the temperatures are forecast to return to normal with rain on the way.

Yesterday we visted the monthly brocante in the pretty village of Villereal and then made our way to the village of Monpazier which holds the classification of most beautiful in France. 

 Monthly Brocante in Villereal

The roses are blooming and are everywhere you look. Old stone walls and fabulous climbing roses - a fabulous combination.

What a charming sight this is, love the yellow coloured stone of the buildings in Monpazier as it is quite a contrast to the white stone  buildings in our village.

Love this balcony and what a fabulous view they have, overlooking the stunning and yet peaceful village square.

You can just see the village square, on the right hand side in the photo above.

I am not sure which colour I like the best, they all look so pretty.

Perched high above the gate to the village  presbytère is this lovely statue in all her glory.

There are also a lot of grape vines which add to the charm of the village. In our village you can see vines in postcards dated back to the late 1800's but sadly there are none left in the village. 

We have planted one outside our house but it is very slow growing, as they say patience is a virtue.

In the photo above, you can see both roses and vines, which are growing between the two main buildings.

The last photo does not have any roses but I was taken by the fabulous "grand" wine bottle advertisemnt for local wine.

Back to work I must go. I hope that you enjoyed your visit to the lovely village of Monpazier.

Wishing you all a très bonne semaine, Leeann x


  1. May really is the month of roses in France, so lovely photos with roses climbing on those pittoresque houses.

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  3. What a lovely village of yellow stone and roses, and the statue of Mary adds another note of peace.


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