A busy week

Bonjour mes belles,

It has been a busy week as I have been working with a company in India who have designed a new website for Maison No.20. You can find it here, note the English version is finished but the French version needs work.

The website also has new photos and they are far better than what I could take. I think that I need a new camera and a course as I would love to be able to take photos like this.

Maybe after the busy season has finished, I will book myself in on a course. There is nothing like learning a new skill and I am in the mood to go back to school. 
Enough dreaming, work is calling so off I go...

à plus tard, Leeann


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  2. Eymet is a magical place to visit, with welcoming locals and so much to do and see. The apartments for rent are a cut above the places we've hired in this region of France. Amicalment, Elizabeth

  3. I like the website, but I noticed a rogue apostrophe.It might not bother youi, but I spotted it immediatyely! In the "Sleep" section, La Petite Maison it reads "with it's own fully stocked library..." No apostrophe necessary here.
    "its own library..."
    Sorry to be pedantic, but grammar is part of my job!

    1. Merci for pointing it out and I am happy to have your assistance ;-) It is much appreciated.

      amicalement, Leeann

  4. Crikey! Moaning about grammar and I can't spell. Rapid typing, fat fingers and pressing "Publish" before I check. Sorry!!


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