Bonjour or should I say здороваться...

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Bonjour or should I say здороваться...

I happened to glance at my blog statistics and cannot believe that after the USA, Russia is where many of my blog readers come from.

When I visited Russia I loved it and we have been watching a behind the scenes DVD  filmed in the fabulous Hermitage museum.

As many of you know I used to have another house in a very charming village 18kms from where we current live which was sold to a young Russian couple called Julia & Alexander. 

It is fabulous place to stay and Alex is a cordon bleu chef  so you can be assured that the food is fabulous. For more details please visit their website here.

à demain mes belles, Leeann x



  1. I visited Russia last fall and loved the Hermitage. I just wish we had longer, like days, to spend seeing everything.

  2. I have yet to visit Russia although it is on my list! Have a great week.


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